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Lord Sebastian’s Secret


by Jane Ashford


Publisher’s Description:

A Passionate and Whimsical Regency Tale from Bestselling Author Jane Ashford

Will the secrets that brought them together tear them apart?

Proud. Cunning. Battle-hardened. Lord Sebastian Gresham is the epitome of military might and excellence. He’s wealthy. The son of a Duke. There’s just one problem: he can’t read. It’s a secret he’ll never tell, certainly not to his new bride-to-be.

Brilliant. Witty. Gorgeous. Lady Georgina Stane has always known she’d make the perfect bride, that is, if her eccentric family didn’t scare off every potential suitor from London to Bath. After carefully orchestrating a London season with her parents out of the picture, she secured an engagement to an impeccable gentleman. And when Lord Sebastian arrives at her family’s estate to meet her parents, she’s not about to let their antics ruin her perfect marriage.

But what happens when these two learn that some secrets aren’t so easy to keep?

The Duke’s Sons Series:

Heir to the Duke (Book 1)

What the Duke Doesn’t Know (Book 2)

Lord Sebastian’s Secret (Book 3)

About The Author:

71ffc5mxb7l__ux250_Jane Ashford has written historical and contemporary romances. Her books have been published in Sweden, Italy, England, Denmark, France, Russia, Latvia, Slovenia, the Czech Republic, Slovakia, and Spain, as well as the U.S.

She has been nominated for a Career Achievement Award by RT Book Reviews.

Her website is and her Facebook page is

If you’d like to subscribe to Jane’s monthly newsletter go to and sign up.

She is part of the Casablanca Authors Blog.

My Thoughts:

I really hate to start a series in the middle but as it happens that is exactly what happened with my reading this book. It is book #3 of a five book series. The last two have yet to be released.

I really enjoyed reading this extremely funny and delightful book. In addition to the charming and humorous human characters we are treated to a group of amorous pugs. They really make for funny and interesting dialog since our heroine’s mother thinks her little dogs can do no wrong. Our hero is far from perfect and some people think him stupid. He is not dull witted though. He has a learning disability that was not diagnosed in these times.

As stated the characters in this book are well developed and the storyline follows an interesting trek .to the inevitable ending.

I gave this book 4.25 of 5 stars for storyline and characterization and 3 of 5 flames for heat. There are amorous encounters but they are not so descriptive as to make them extremely hot and for the most part blend in well with the humorous story.

I look forward to the last two books in this series and hope to be able to read the first two very soon.

I received a complimentary copy from the publisher via NetGalley to read and review.

This in no way affected my opinion.

What Others Thought:

Ashford’s talent for humor shows in this delightfully funny romance filled with sensuality, compassion and love.RT Book Reviews, 4 Stars

I adored each and every character in this story as everyone practically jumps right off the page. I cannot wait to read every story about Sebastian’s siblings and I hope Georgina’s sisters get their very own adventures as well. I loved that this story had so many delightful twists and turns and that it left me with a gigantic smile on my face. I just know this is one I will reread again and again. Night Owl Reviews Top Pick

Lord Sebastian’s Secret is delightful entertainment! Long and Short Reviews 4.5 stars

…the sweet and pure romance between Sebastian and Georgina…brings the book together and makes it satisfy.Kirkus Reviews


A Heartless Design

Secrets of the Zodiac Book 1

by Elizabeth Cole

Digital List Price: $3.99

FREE For a Limited Time at:

AmazonB&N | GoogleiBooks Kobo

Publisher’s Description:

An enigmatic woman, a determined spy, and a love that could shake the foundations of Europe…

“Ms. Cole is a masterful storyteller who brings her unique characters to life like no one else.”
“Heartless” Cordelia Bering refuses every marriage offer she receives. Yet men still try to win her, drawn by her sharp wit and intoxicating green eyes. But Cordelia knows a marriage could reveal her deepest secret and truly endanger her life. Besides, she hasn’t met a man worth considering, until…

Sebastien Thorne, a spy in the service of the Crown. One of the elite agents in the group known as the Zodiac, he comes to London determined to solve a mystery with roots on the Continent. He won’t let anything distract him. But is Cordelia a distraction, or the key to the mystery? As he learns more about the “heartless” woman, he becomes embroiled in secrets, plots, and a design that could change the future…and Cordelia is at the center of it all.

The debut novel in the Secrets of the Zodiac series: Full-length historical romances, featuring sexy storylines, complex characters, and international intrigue, set against the backdrop of the Napoleonic Wars.

Check out Elizabeth’s brand-new medieval romance series starting with HONOR & ROSES, now available!

Novels in the Secrets of the Zodiac series include:
A Heartless Design
A Reckless Soul
A Shameless Angel
The Lady Dauntless
Beneath Sleepless Stars
A Mad and Mindless Night

Crossing the Line

Without a Trace series

A contemporary sexy romance novel

by Ally Bishop

Digital List Price: $0.99

FREE For a Limited Time at:

Amazon ~ B&N

Publisher’s Description:

I’ve never believed in love at first sight, which is probably why I write mysteries, and not romances, for a living. Besides, I’m too focused on expanding Elementary, a mystery dinner party business I own with my brother Noah. I don’t have time for romance.
When the handsome and successful Ian Crane books our services, I can barely keep my wits about me. He’s setting fire to all my rules, and I can’t resist his flames.

I don’t recognize the woman I’m becoming, but I don’t want to go back to who I was. There’s a part of me that can’t help wondering, what if he’s too good to be true? Because if he is, my heart will be nothing more than ashes.

Heat rating:

Toasty warm, with plenty of flames. This book also contains plenty of humor and can be read as a standalone story.

It is the first book (or prequel) of the Without a Trace series.

Forgotten & Remembered

The Duke’s Late Wife

Love’s Second Chance Book 1

by Bree Wolf

Digital List Price: $0.99

FREE For a Limited Time at:

Amazon ~ B&N

Publisher’s Description:

One night, they found themselves under some mistletoe.
Now, he owes her a kiss. And she is determined to claim it.

51mk0eydt4lHIS HEART TORN in two, Graham Astor, Duke of Kensington, mourns his wife. As he distances himself from everything that reminds him of happier days lost forever, he comes to realize that there is one thing he cannot run from.

Graham needs a new wife, if only for the sake of his daughter.

DISILLUSIONED WITH LOVE, Rosabel only wishes to not remain a burden to her uncle’s family much longer. After seeing her parents’ love turn against them, Rosabel dreams of an independent life as a governess.

But then a stranger asks for her hand in marriage, and to her utter shock her uncle instantly agrees.

Will Rosabel find love after all? Or will the memory of Graham’s late wife keep him from finding happiness?

***This is not a tale of love at first sight. This is a story of two wounded people, who need to find the strength to face their fears and overcome them in order to find their happily-ever-after. A story filled with drama, joy, emotional turmoil as well as a touch of mystery, that will make you laugh and cry and scream at the characters. A clean Regency Romance with some sizzle!


A Tale of Life and Death

Heroes Next Door Series Book 1

by Bree Wolf

Digital List Price: $0.99

FREE For a Limited Time at:

Amazon ~ B&N

Ever wondered what a hero looks like? 51oqv51yvul
You’ll be surprised.

Publisher’s Description:

In the buzzing city of New York, 12-year-old Gabriel Scott retreats from his parents’ constant arguing into a virtual world of adventure and companionship. Unfortunately, as summer comes along, his parents ship him off to Kenton Woods to stay with grandparents he hasn’t seen in years. Trapped in a world of small town life, Gabriel suddenly finds himself cut off from the only friends he ever had when he discovers that his grandparents don’t even own a computer.

After sulking in the house for a few days, his grandfather drags him outside and Gabriel takes his first steps into the real world. Gathering all his courage, he talks to Liam, their neighbors’ son, who hands him a small sheet of paper and asks for his help. From that day on, Gabriel follows Liam and his friends on a treasure hunt across town. With the entire school on their heels, they rush to solve riddle after riddle, slowly closing in on that which no one has ever found before. Along the way, Gabriel meets the head-butting twins Jack and Jordan, their dog Cat, the insane story-teller Eddie and Hannah, a young girl locked up in her room.

Hand in hand, they work to help Hannah escape and take her along on their adventure. Having spent her entire life cut off from the rest of the world, Gabriel finds a kindred spirit in the red-haired girl with the glowing eyes. But one day, a secret Hannah has been carefully hiding from the group rears its ugly head and threatens to shatter Gabriel’s new life and the place he thought he’d finally found in the world


“Always Loyal Hardcover” by Michael Stokes


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