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Waiting For an Earl Like You


A Masters of Seduction Novel

by Alexandra Hawkins

Pubisher’s Description:


Get lost in Waiting for an Earl Like You, the next lush, sensual Regency romance in the Masters of Seduction series by USA Today bestselling author Alexandra Hawkins.

Justin Reeve Netherwood, Earl of Kempthorn—a.k.a. Thorn—has never cared much for his neighbor’s daughter. But his twin brother, Gideon, befriended the wild, reckless, and wholly inappropriate Miss Olivia Lydall in youth, and two have been close ever since. So when Olivia finds herself in a state of romantic conflict and seeks out Gideon for advice, he’s only too pleased to oblige. Only problem: The man Olivia is speaking to is Thorn. And now it’s too late for him to tell Olivia the truth…

Thorn always believed that Olivia was too smitten with Gideon for her own good. So what’s the harm in steering her away from him? But Thorn’s charade turns out to be anything but harmless once he begins to see Olivia for who she really is: A woman full of spirit and passion…and someone he can’t live without. But how can Thorn claim Olivia’s heart when their deepening connection—and burning desire—is built on lies and deceit?

My Thoughts:

Olive and Thorn’s story is a very intriguing mixture of passion, comical dialog and just a touch of mystery near end. I would have never guessed this final twist in the story.
I most certainly look forward to the continuation of this series. I enjoyed the read. I had not read nor did I own any other book by Alexandra Hawkins on my Kindle but will endeavor to look for others to read.

After checking I found this to be book #3 in this series. Although this is the third book it does well as a standalone title.
I would give this book 4.25 of 5 stars for storyline and characterization and 4 of 5 flames for heat. It is a book full of passion and the dialog between the hero and heroine is oftentimes very funny.
I received a complimentary digital copy through NetGalley to read and review. This in no way affected my opinion.

Dreams of a Highlander

A time travel Scottish romance

Arch Through Time Book 1

by Katie Baker

Digital List Price: $3.99

$0.99 For a Limited Time at Amazon

Publisher’s Description:

dreamsDarcy Greenway has no time for love. As a dedicated veterinarian her career and her patients come first. But since the death of her parents she’s been running, searching. She just doesn’t know what for.

On a much-needed vacation to Scotland she walks under a natural archway on the shore of a loch and finds herself catapulted into the sixteenth century…and right into the middle of a clan war.

Stranded in a world of danger and passion, Darcy finds herself drawn to Quinn MacFarlane, the brave Scottish warrior who swears to protect her. But Quinn has secrets of his own. Haunted by his failure to save his brother, his vow might be the very thing that keeps them apart. Because he’ll protect her from everyone – even himself.

With enemies closing in, Darcy must make a choice. Should she return home or should she risk her heart on her dream of a Highlander?


Dec 27, 2016


Brethren Origins Book 3

by Barbara Devlin

Currently $0.99 at Amazon

FREE to Read For Kindle Unlimited Subscribers

Publisher’s Description:

The charming Dionysia de Beaumais conceals more than her face behind a scarf. Despite her pleas 511r8-i8nl__sl500_for mercy, she is betrothed to a man with whom she shared pleasant conversation at court, and she dreads the inevitable disclosure of a painful past and her most intimate secret. But the giant knight is not what he appears, and he wins her heart. When an old enemy resurfaces, threatening her newfound happiness, Dionysia risks everything to save Aristide.

Reconciled to an arranged marriage, Nautionnier Knight Aristide de Laurentiis takes matters into his own hands and expresses interest in a mysterious but modest lady blessed with sharp intellect and wit, and His Majesty obliges the one-time Templar. When Aristide discovers the cruel truth his gentle wife hides behind her veil, his insatiable lust for revenge threatens to destroy them. Can love conquer evil and heal old wounds?


Daughters of the Dagger Series Book 3

by Elizabeth Rose

Digital List Price: $3.99

FREE For a Limited Time at Amazon

(Also available in paperback and audiobook)

E-book FREE from Jan. 9-13

Publisher’s Description:

amber500strevisedkindleAmber de Burgh is a novice of Bowerwood Abbey, training to become a nun. But one night a wounded man named Lucifer stumbles into the church spouting blasphemy, and everyone says he’s the devil.

Lucifer, or Lucas, has had a tarnished past and his future fares no better. He will do anything to change his lifestyle, even getting caught up in church corruption.

When Amber and Lucas are sent on a pilgrimage to Canterbury together, both of them will have their morals and virtues tested, and there’s a good chance neither of them will return the same.




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