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A Wallflower’s Christmas Kiss


Regency Novella

Connected by a Kiss Book 3

by Dawn Brower

$0.99 at:

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Publisher’s Description:

Have you ever dreamed of a Christmas wedding?

Spinsterhood has never looked so good, but unfortunately even that won’t save Lady Juliette Brooks. Her father’s arranged a betrothal for her to a brute of a man. She has one choice left—force the Duke of Kissinger to honor a long ago promise to save her.

Grayson Abbot, the Duke of Kissinger, does not want to marry Lady Juliette. He doesn’t want to marry anyone. But he did make her a promise, and he doesn’t go back on his word… So he reluctantly agrees to run away with her.

They set off on an adventure during the Christmastide season. As they race to Scotland they experience delays, cold weather, and a friendship they’d almost forgotten about. Will Juliette finally find out what it’s like to be kissed, and in return, win the duke’s heart?

My Thoughts:

This final of the trio of novellas by three different authors is in this reader’s opinion the best one.
I have read all three now and enjoyed them all but this one was my favorite. Unlike the first two this one did require the development of a new character, the lady Juliette.
Grayson Abbot, the Duke of Kissinger grew up with Juliette at his side until she was nine and he twelve. At that point Grayson went off to school and by the edict of his father was not allowed to return and resume his friendship which the Duke considered unacceptable because the friend was female.
I gave this story a 4.5 of 5 star rating for storyline and characterization.
The heat is subtle so it gets 2 out of 5 flames.
Dawn Brower has created a hit in my opinion.

A Kiss At Christmastide


 Regency Novella

Connected By A Kiss Book 1

by Christina McKnight

$0.99 at:

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How To Kiss A Rogue


Regency Novella

Connected by a Kiss Book 2

by Amanda Mariel

$0.99 at:

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An Unforgettable Holiday

by Joanne Dannon

Digital List Price: $4.99

$0.99 For a Limited Time at: Amazon

Publisher’s Description:

51tzrgrm-wlWhen falling in love isn’t as easy as falling in love.

Heart warming holiday reads with a splash of faith. Give yourself the gift of love with these romances that will fill your heart with the magic of the holiday spirit.

A Magical Christmas In Jerusalem

Australian project manager Kiara Lonsdale is career focussed and determined to provide and care for the grandmother who raised her. Taking time off work to vacation has never been high on her agenda, but this year she’s made an exception. She’s helping her gran fulfil a life-long dream by accompanying her on a Christmas to the Holy Land tour.

Jacques Lenoir and his extended family run tours in Israel and he’s committed to their business. Jacques feels responsible for his grandparents’ welfare since they risked their lives, and others’, as operatives in the French Resistance, during the War.

But over romantic dinners in the desert, camel rides, and mud baths at the Dead Sea, sparks fly between Kiara and Jacques. Will this only be a holiday romance or will a touch of Christmas magic make it last a lifetime?

A Magical Chanukah in New York

Lisa Sassoon has shunned the scandal of her loser-ex cheating on her by escaping to New York. Instead of sightseeing, she’s become a recluse focusing on helping the less fortunate at a homeless shelter.

Gabe Olivari, entrepreneur and savvy business New Yorker, can’t let go of the pain of losing his best friend. So caught up in his own grief and believing he doesn’t deserve to be happy, he compensates by pushing everyone close to him away.

But when Lisa and Gabe meet, there is an instant connection that forces them to question not only their behaviours but their aspirations.

Can a dash of Chanukah magic help Lisa and Gabe realise that sparkling dates and dreamy kisses can lead to more? Perhaps even a lifetime of happiness?

The Charmer

Assassins Guild Book 1

by C.J. Archer

Digital List Price: $3.99

FREE For a Limited Time at:

Amazon ~ B&N ~ Google ~ iBooks ~ Kobo

Publisher’s Description:

Handsome. Charming. Devastating.

He was the last man she needed, but the only one515amwpiepl she wanted.

Orlando Holt has never assassinated a woman before. The lovely, feisty Lady Lynden will be his first. She’s supposed to be a vicious murderess, but when Orlando begins to have doubts, he sets out to discover the identity of the person who hired him. What he learns will turn his world upside down, and propel him headlong into love with a woman who’s immune to his charms.

Twice widowed by the age of twenty-four, Lady Susanna Lynden has had enough of charming men. Her last husband knew all the right things to say to get her to the marriage bed…then made her life miserable. Money may be scarce and her house falling down around her, but the exotic fruit from her orange trees will keep poverty away. Except someone is thwarting her at every turn. Someone who may even want her dead.

The books in the Assassins Guild series are:
#1 The Charmer
#2 The Rebel
#3 The Saint
#4 The Sinner

The Mistletoe Marquess

A Risqué Regency Romance

by Sahara Kelly

$0.99 at Amazon

Publisher’s Description:

51bcoflb5dlA Christmas obligation, a wreath of mistletoe, and Reid Chillendale has to find a bride or break with centuries of tradition. His family is responsible for the ale reputed to be the best in England and Reid’s heart lies in brewing not wooing. Until one wintery night when his world is turned upside down by a snow-laden branch and a woman who smells of spring.

Lady Prudence Eldridge has come to Chillendale Village with her cousin, and really didn’t expect to find astounding passion flat on his back at her feet. She’s ready, willing and intrigued by this kind man who is so much more than he might appear. His clothes mark him as a gentleman – when he removes them he’s anything but!

There are Christmas Fêtes for the children and a Mistletoe Ball for the adults. There will be carols sung, there will be naked frolicking in the snow, and there will be surprise romances. There will most likely be a Christmas pudding or two for good measure. Reid and Prudence may have found each other, but keeping each other may be a bit more of a Christmas challenge…




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