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My Christmas Soldier

Sweet Romance


by Elizabeth Rose

A Novelette – 37 Pages

$0.99 at Amazon

Publisher’s Description:

Lana Davis hates Christmas because it brings to mind the loss of her husband. But when an old eccentric woman at the nursing home gives her a present as well as advice, her life takes a mysterious turn.

With one shake of a snowglobe magic happens as the Nutcracker Christmas Soldier inside it suddenly comes to life. But can Lana listen to the old woman’s advice about letting the past go and living in the now? And will her Christmas soldier bring her the happiness she’s had locked away inside herself, or will her own fears and guilt keep her living in the past?

A woman trapped in her past and a soldier released from his, come together in My Christmas Soldier.

My Thoughts:

This is a sweet and poignant quick read for the holiday season. Because it is essentially a short story you really don’t have time to get wrapped up in the story, but if you want something to read while waiting for a date or on your lunch break this is ideal. There is a hint of magic and fantasy in this lovely novelette/short story.

I would give it a 4 of 5 stars for overall content. Because it is so short there is no time to get into character development.

My heat rating is 2 of 5 flames. It is a very sweet short read with just a hint of passion. 

Christmas Lights

A Collection of Inspiring Christmas Novellas

Chautona Havig and Vikki Kestell

join debuting authors Cathe Swanson and April Hayman

Digital List Price: $0.99

FREE For a Limited Time at Amazon

Christmas Lights:

A Potpourri of Light Christmas Reads From Four of Your Favorite Authors

61z2chujtclAmazon best-selling authors Chautona Havig and Vikki Kestell join debuting authors Cathe Swanson and April Hayman to present Christmas Lights, a collection of four Christmas-themed novellas. From historical romance to contemporary cozy mysteries and Christmas wonder, these four “light” reads will warm your heart and ignite your Christmas spirit!

The Heart of Joy (Vikki Kestell):

Joy Michaels, grieving mother and widow, resides in an aging but remarkable Denver home known locally as Palmer House: a most extraordinary refuge for young women rescued from prostitution. Joy and her mother, Rose Thoresen, share the responsibilities of ministering to and mentoring the young women who live under Palmer House’s roof.

But now Joy faces an agonizing decision: Remain true to the memory of her first love or open her heart to the possibility of new love? And she wonders, “Can true, enduring love happen twice in a lifetime?”

Snow Angels (Cathe Swanson):

When Lisa Marsh is roped into serving Thanksgiving dinner at the local community center, she meets lively teenagers, stubbornly independent veterans, eccentric elderly people, and one particularly rude and scruffy homeless man named Pete. She sets out to find him a decent job and make him respectable—whether he likes it or not—but her small project of helping Pete snowballs into an extraordinary Christmas ministry. And the vagabond can be very charming when he wants to be…

Trip the Light Fantastic (April Hayman):

Lance “Trip” Devereaux is an FBI agent tasked with the nearly impossible job of tailing and, hopefully, arresting Landry Crawford, the wiliest conman east of the Mississippi River. But during his investigation, things go horribly wrong for the klutzy G-man. Will Trip nab his man in time for Christmas? Or will he be left out in the cold?

Christmas Stalkings (Chautona Havig):

Wendy Nabity is known for her superfluity of cats and her “seven-tree obsession” every Christmas—but when strange things happen around her house, it appears someone is out to get her! Revel in comedy, suspense, and a garnish of romance.

Caribbean Jewel

by Jayla Jasso

Digital List Price: $0.99

FREE For a Limited Time at Amazon

Sometimes a girl has to take what she can get.

When Jolie’s cloaked midnight rescuer ends up being the sexiest Spanish captain this end of the 51vbozwpqnlCaribbean, she figures a long ocean voyage to freedom on his brigantine might not be the worst thing that could have happened to a proper Englishwoman. Especially one who’s just been caught committing a crime and needs an escape route, fast.

Captain Gabriel Marcano’s not searching for love on Crab Island—he’s looking for Spain’s beloved national treasure, the Corazón de Isabela. So when he shows up back at his brigantine with a half-drowned English beauty instead of the famous gold nugget, he has some explaining to do. His only intention is the girl’s safe passage to Europe, he informs his crew, and her presence will have no effect whatsoever on his command of the ship.

All lies, Marcano admits to himself, especially when the fair-skinned wench stares at him with those innocent whisky-colored eyes…truth is, living in such close quarters with his little damsel in distress causes him far more trouble than he’d planned. And things only go from bad to worse when her violent past catches up with them, threatening to tear them apart forever.

“Simply put, the chemistry between Marcano and Jolie works seamlessly, making for delicious reading… Fans of action-packed romance novels about life on the high seas won’t be disappointed.” 4½ Stars – SPR

The Lady’s Champion

Four More Medieval Tales of Love Across the Lands



$0.99 at Amazon

This fantastic set includes full-length novels from bestselling and award-winning authors.61zb5w0scql

It includes these novels –

My Noble Knight by LAUREL O’DONNELL –
A LADY longs to try her skills by competing in the joust. A noble KNIGHT is sworn to the traditional ways of chivalry and to uphold the rules of the joust. Can they work together to discover who is trying to sabotage him while keeping their growing attraction secret?

The Baron’s Bounty by ELIZABETH ROSE –
Isobel McEwen’s only weakness is her love of shoes. She is sent as her cousin’s proxy to marry Conlin de Barose, Baron of the Cinque Ports. But before she leaves for England, she witnesses her Scottish king’s murder, and is only able to identify the killer by his shoes.

The Highlander’s Outlaw Bride by CATHY MACRAE –
Forced into a marriage neither wants, it will take a king’s edict and sacrifice from both Connor and Brianna to discover what love means.
Can Connor give up his wicked ways to win the lass he cannot resist? And what will it take to turn Brianna from an outlaw to a Highlander’s cherished bride?

The Gentle Knight by ASHLEY YORK –
Peter, a Norman soldier, returns home after battle to find his lover had died in childbirth just as his mother had. Overwhelmed by guilt, he decides on a solitary life until he meets Brighit, an Irish lass whose innocence demands his protection. Will it be at the cost of his heart?


ELIZABETH ROSE is a bestselling, multi-published author of over 50 books. She writes medieval, paranormal, contemporary and western romance.

CATHY MACRAE is the author of The Highlander’s Bride series, and a co-author of The Ghosts of Culloden Moor series, as well as the best-selling Scottish romance, Highland Escape.

Critically acclaimed, LAUREL O’DONNELL is a bestselling author of medieval romances. Her novels have won numerous awards for her works, including the Holt Medallion for A Knight of Honor and the International Digital Award for Angel’s Assassin. Find more about her at

Bestselling author, ASHLEY YORK, is a proud life-long New Englander and a hardcore romantic. With her author’s imagination and MA in History, she likes to write about people who could have lived alongside those well-known giants from the past.

Love is in the Air

A 4 Novel + 3 Short Story Collection for Realistic Lovers


A McCray Romance Collection

by Carolyn McCray

Digital List Price: $9.99

FREE For a Limited Time at Amazon

From the #1 bestselling Romance/Paranormal Romance/Contemporary Romance author Carolyn McCray comes a collection for all romance readers: Love is in the air. It includes over 150,000 words from some of Carolyn’s bestselling romances novels along with several reader’s favorite short stories.

Praise for McCray’s romances…
“Equal parts thrilling and romantic, HeartsBlood swept me off my feet. How the author weaves a story of science and magic so seamlessly still amazes me. And did I mention the sexual tension between the dark stranger and the heroine struggling to accept the fact her reality has been shattered? Oh yeah, this is a great one folks!”
Your Need To Read
Book Reviewer

“From Carolyn McCray comes a historical romance that will leave you hoping that for once, fate will be kind. You will be gripped from the first page to the last, caught in a love that spans eons and an ancient political intrigue whose consequence still reverberates today. This is truly a masterpiece that stays with you long after you’ve turned the last page.”
Emma Gilbertson
The Writer Bites Back

This volume includes:

Heartsblood – full length paranormal romance: A woman of science. A man of magic. Hunted for their HeartsBlood
Fated – full-length historical paranormal romance: Torn apart by History. Bound for Eternity
Indian Moon – full-length contemporary romance- Real Romance…for the rest of us
Race to the Altar -full-length contemporary romance – how competitive are you in love?
My Dangerous Valentine – prequel short story – Spies in Stilettos series
Targeted – a Bridge short story between 30 Pieces of Silver and Havoc

More praise for Carolyn’s Romances…

“I love this’s so touching, beautiful & fulfilling. Thank you Ms McCray for sharing such a beautiful love story.”
Amazon Book Reviewer
“This is such a cute book. I love how Ms. McCray had me laughing out loud
and at the same time, was able to touch my heart with a softer side.
When I first met Wyatt, I connected with his sense of humor. I love the
beginning scene where he and his uncle Bhodhi are talking about
‘chicks’. Too funny. The animals and their personalities make this book
special, but the development of the main character and his relationship
with family and friends touched my heart.”
The Book Goddess
Amazon Reviewer

If you want real romance. No vamps or tricks, just great love stories, you are going to be enthralled by Love is in the Air!

**If you were looking for Carolyn’s Thriller collection check under Got Thrills?

**If you were looking for Carolyn’s eclectic collection check under A Reader’s Feast.

**If you were looking for her complete extremely controversial historical thriller series collection check under The Betrayed Omnibus Collection.


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