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Christmas Romance


The Best Christmas Romance of 2016

“The Christmas Love List”

by Natalie-Nicole Bates, Sharon Kleve, Jennifer Conner, & Angela Ford 

Publication Date: Oct 6, 2016 

Print List Price: $9.24

Digital Price: $3.99 at Amazon 

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Publisher’s Description:

The best sweet Christmas romance series!

Surprise! You’re a Christmas Bride – Natalie-Nicole Bates

New to town, all that bridal consultant Maisey Gates wants is to meet a few new friends at Christmas time. When they introduce her to The Love List as a way to find that special Christmas date, Maisey wants no parts of it, but she doesn’t want to disappoint her new friends. Love finds Maisey before she even has a chance to look at her Love List match. Sean Marshall is ready to resume his life after tragically losing his wife. Meeting Maisey is a breath of fresh air, and he immediately senses Maisey could become a permanent part of his life. But Sean has a lot of baggage, some of it potential deal-breakers for his new relationship with Maisey. What Sean doesn’t know is Maisey has a secret of her own. With Christmas fast approaching, will Maisey and Sean find their Merry Christmas together, or will it be another holiday spent alone?

Christmas Kisses & Wishes – Sharon Kleve

After her husband divorced her, Finn Dubose packed up her dog Scorch, gathered what was left of her dignity and set out on a twelve month adventure to find happiness. All Finn wants is to go back to Charleston, South Carolina and spend the holidays with her grandmother after nine months of traveling from Florida, to Colorado, and then to Maine. But reluctantly, Finn promises Gran she’ll spend the last three months of the year in Seattle, Washington. The spectacular vineyards in Eastern Washington entice Finn to drive from Seattle to the small town of Vine Grove. What she finds is a place full of kind, generous people, including, Keaton Vanhorn, a single, attractive, veterinarian. Even better, he loves animals as much as Finn. Sometimes, a bottle of wine and The Love List is all you need to find love. Stop by the small town of Vine Grove and maybe you’ll be lucky in love too.

A Home for Christmas – Jennifer Conner

Kady never thought that she and her son, Noah, would have to come back to Vine Grove. But after nearly losing everything in a fire, moving in with Mom and Dad was her only choice. Kady finds a job in town at the Que Syrah Syrah wine shop. The ladies who meet at the shop create a group called The Love List. They draw names of single guys in town to possibly become someone special. No way is Kady drawing a name. The last thing Kady needs is a man, she needs to concentrate on getting her life back and finding a new home. Local entrepreneur, Editon, has always had a crush on Kady, but she never knew. When he sees her again, all of his old feelings flood back. He’s trying to make a difference and build a community center in their small town. Will he have time to pursue Kady if she’ll take a chance on him? Sometimes all you have to do is come home to find love.

Country Christmas Wishes – Angela Ford

Dakota Timmons, a registered nurse, leaves the bustling city life for small town comfort in Washington’s wine country. As a child, she wished for a white Christmas. As an adult, her wish remains the same along with a new one. Vinegrove is exactly what she needs. She only hopes she’s what the doctor ordered. Or that he at least accepts her shocking news. Avoiding an accident by seconds on her way into town introduces Dakota to Tristan Hart. Instant attraction makes them both think about love for the first time in their demanding careers. He calls her Miss Country Girl and in her mind she calls him Mr. Stetson. Under his Stetson, this man has the most piercing eyes, a striking blue-green combination. They remind her of the Pacific tropical seas. She’s absorbed in thought to meet the man she’d changed her zip code for, but she’s reminded of Tristan when she joins her new friends for a wine and chat night. A basket is placed on her lap. She’s to pick a name from it and then ask him out. A wild idea but she agrees to play a game called The Love List. To her surprise, she picks Tristan Hart.

My Thoughts:

This collection of four sweet Christmas stories is not written in my preferred genre but when asked to review it I decided why not.

I mostly read and review historical romance titles and this one is a contemporary collection all centered around a small town with a wine shop and a group of ladies with a penchant for matchmaking via “The Love List”.

They supposedly throw the names of all of the towns eligible bachelors into a hat/bowl and they all draw out a name. But it’s actually rigged and all the names are the same so that each newcomer to the group and their town gets paired with the man these ladies think is best for her. It’s actually working out quite well.

If you have a little time left in your busy holiday schedule I encourage you to grab a copy of this novella/novelette anthology. The reads are all very nice and the stories well written. These are all sweet novellas/short reads and all were very enjoyable.

I gave the collection as a whole 4.75 of 5 stars for storyline and characterization. There is no actual sex in these stories, just sweet romantic byplay so the heat rating is 1 of 5 flames. I received a complimentary copy of this book from one of the authors to read and review. This in no way affected my opinion.

These four stories are also available as single title eBooks.


Dec. 10th, 2016

Santa Baby, Maybe

A Christmas Romance of Serendipity & Silver Linings

Clean Inspirational Short Read Book 1

by Sophie Mays

Digital List Price: $2.99

FREE For a Limited Time at Amazon

or Read FREE Anytime With Kindle Unlimited

Publisher’s Description:

517-6snsbvl Christmas story of family, faith, and finding out that sometimes the mall Santa is more than meets the eye!

The last thing Colin expected this holiday season was to find himself without a job. More so, he never could have foreseen the interesting events that begin to unfold following; beginning with holding the door for a beautiful woman at the coffee shop. It just may be that Colin’s misfortune is the blessing in disguise he didn’t know he was waiting for. Will he return to his tried and true life, or take a chance on a new beginning?

Nora is on her chosen career path and feeling…stable. She works, she volunteers, she hangs out with her cat, Artemis; nothing has shaken up her world in quite some time. That is, until a chance encounter with a handsome, stranger.

Crossing paths with Nora sparks Colin’s interest, but could a woman like that ever look at him as more than the nice, blue jeans wearing guy at Starbucks…especially if she found out he was also the mall Santa?

Take two strangers whose paths can’t stop crossing, and sprinkle in a little art, coffee, and an opulent holiday party. Mix it together, and you have been whisked away to the scenic Great Smoky Mountains for a cute, clean holiday romp!


This is a stand-alone story with an HEA ending! Story is a clean romance with no offensive language. I hope it gets you in the holiday spirit!


Release Date: November 25th, 2016

Romancing the Holidays

7 Enchanting Christmas Reads

by Jolene Cazzola, Joanne Dannon, Mel Hammond, Cherie Marks,

Heather C. Myers, Kait Nolan, & Tracey Pedersen51jhqr514ql

Buy For $0.99 at Amazon

or Read FREE With Kindle Unlimited

Holidays are rife with stress. Grab your hot chocolate, curl up by the fire, and give yourself the gift of love with these seven Christmas romances that are sure to fill your heart with holiday spirit.

Included Are:

Serendipity – A Christmas Fairy Tale – Jolene Cazzola
A Magical Christmas in Jerusalem – Joanne Dannon
Home for Christmas – Mel Hammond
Lost In Christmas – Cherie Marks
Hollywood Snowfall – Heather C. Myers
Dance Me a Dream – Kait Nolan
All About Us – Tracey Pedersen


November 30th, 2016

Miss Claus and the Secret Santa

A Shifter Christmas Romance, Book 1

by J.L. Hendricks

Buy For $0.99 at Amazon

or Read FREE With Kindle Unlimited

Have fun with this book – it is a fine new look at Santa Claus, very modern and paranormal and sort of what we need at this time in the world!

– Grady Harp, December 16 Amazon top 100 reviewer

Publisher’s Description:

518lf4h9fblSanta Claus isn’t who, or what, you think he is!

Santa Claus is an Arctic Wolf Shifter, and the mantle has always passed down to his sons. But this Santa didn’t have any boys, he has 4 girls!

His eldest daughter is supposed to marry the son of the pack’s Beta wolf, Rock. But she has refused. Lizzy wants to marry for love, not pack standing.

Lizzy is pulled to Los Angeles looking for adventure and possibly her future Santa. What she finds instead shocks her and her family.

If you like clean, shifter romance, then you will love this newest book by J.L. Hendricks. She merges her favorite season, Christmas, with a hot genre, Shifter Paranormal Romance. Come and see how these Arctic Wolf shifters celebrate Christmas.

If this sounds like a fun-filled adventure the whole family can read, that’s because it is! It might even help to convince your unbelieving teens that Santa really does exist! And maybe you will come away believing as well.

It is a clean and wholesome read that teens and adults will enjoy.






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 Making Her His

A Singular Obsession Book 1

by Lucy Lennox

$0.99 at Amazon


For almost five years, Alex has had one obsession. Her name is Elynn.

Alex Hanas couldn’t believe that after so many years as a widower, his father was getting remarried. To make matters worse, the American gold digger had a kid—a daughter named Elynn. After months of avoiding it, Alex goes to brunch with every intention of giving his father’s new family the deep freeze. But he can’t pull it off with Elynn’s anxious green-grey eyes locked on him.

That was the day his life changed.

Four years later, Alex is as close to Elynn as a stepbrother can be. But that’s not enough for him. He wants more…and he’s done waiting.

***Making Her His is the first novel Singular Obsession series. No cliffhangers and no serials. Each novel stands alone. Though it flirts with some bondage, Making Her His is not a BDSM title. Not suitable for readers under 18.***

The Complete Series

Book 1: Making Her His
Book 1.5: Confiscating Charlie
Book 2: Calen’s Captive
Book 3: Stolen Angel
Book 4: The Roman’s Woman
Book 4.5:Save Me, Coming Soon as part of the Coming In Hot Box Set


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