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My Recent Release Review of

The Viscount’s Blazing Love


Fire and Smoke Book #3

CLEAN Historical Romance

Regency Romance:

by Charlotte Stone

Amazon Digital Price: $0.99

Publication Date: Nov 26, 2016

Page count: around 215 pages


Publisher’s Description:

Will a terrible secret ruin the true love that blooms between best friends?

Jane Watson cannot forget those long summer days with her best friend, John Christopherson.
But… everything changed on the day John left to make something of himself.

She never forget John’s promise . . . that he will make something of himself and return for her.
When suddenly, two years later, at a ball, he appears…
Can she hold him to his promise? Most of all, does he still love her?

While Jane wrestles with her feelings, it is clear that John’s status is on the rise.
He is no longer a farmer’s son but a viscount.

Yet his rough upbringing means he may never be good enough for Jane, no matter how much he loves her, no matter what position he holds.

When John’s father reveals a terrible secret of the most horrible nature, John must decide what to do.
If he shares this secret, it will affect not only John, but Jane.
It will also affect Jane’s family… FAMILY, the one thing that matters to her most.

There is no way her family would ever approve of his marrying Jane now.
Not after what his father did.

Will John be able to tell them all the truth?
If he does, is true forgiveness really possible?
Redemption is a powerful thing, but will John and Jane love and trust enough to experience it?

My Thoughts:
As expected from this author this is another well written and sweet romance.
I have now read 4 books by this author under 2 pseudonyms. All have been very well written with believable characters from the time period. To me this just goes to prove that some romance titles do not have to be filled with sex and violence to be good. This one does have an underlining hint of violence that had occurred in the past but no true violence in the storyline.
It is this reader/reviewer’s opinion that this book deserves a 4.5 out of 5 star rating for storyline and characterization and 1 of 5 flames for heat.
I have enjoyed reading this author’s work and would recommend the read to anyone over the age of 15. With the lack of actual sexual and violent scenes it is suitable for a teen audience and would enrich their knowledge of the time period.

The Earl’s Unforgettable Flame

Fire and Smoke Book #1

CLEAN Historical Romance

Regency Romance:

by Charlotte Stone

Amazon Digital Price: $0.99

Publication Date: Aug 29, 2016

Page count: around 210 pages

Publisher’s Description:

Can true love truly heal all wounds?51oidnlil

Benjamin Frederickson, the future Earl of Wembley, can’t forget that night… The night that changed him…
More importantly, he can’t forget that brave little girl who was scarred from the horrible fire. 
Catherine Watson.

The night young Benjamin Frederickson met the victim of a house fire, he has remembered it all of his life… Her spirit has lingered in his memory for years.
Even through his days of rebelling against his father, The Earl of Wembley, as he drinks, gambles, and womanizes.

But when he meets the beautiful Catherine Watson again, still scarred from that fire so many years later, he is enchanted.
But can a woman so remarkable remember a boy she met briefly years ago? 
Catherine, however, is less than impressed!

Considering herself disfigured and resigned to the idea that she will never marry, she sees his advances as a cruel joke at her expense.

How can any man view her with anything but disgust, especially the dashing future Earl of Wembley?

It won’t be easy for Lord Benjamin to convince Catherine of his love.
Is he up to the task?

Will Catherine let the past dictate her future?
Will Benjamin give up and let her go?

The Duke’s Ever Burning Passion

Fire and Smoke Book #2

CLEAN Historical Romance

Regency Romance:

by Charlotte Stone

Amazon Digital Price: $0.99

Publication Date: Oct 25, 2016

Page count: around 215 pages

Publisher’s Description:

Are second chances truly possible?619gu5fq6jl

The Duke of Sermont, Shep, has spent every summer since childhood at Pritchford Place… with his best friend’s sister. Lady Julia Frederickson.

As they grew, their relationship grew into something else…


Writing letters back and forth to one another and making plans has been a part of them…
That is … until Shep did something that broke her heart – he married someone else.

Since then…
She has spent her life wearing a mask.
She vows to never let anyone know how much Shep meant to her.

When Shep is widowed and comes to stay at Pritchford Place, just like old times, they antagonize one another as usual.
Is it because they hate one another? Or…because they cannot stay away from one another?

Who cares if he thinks she is the Ice Queen-cold, cruel and unfeeling?
Julia knows who she is really is, even if Shep continually misunderstands her.

“A man who loves me? A man whom I love?A family? It is all I have ever really wanted,” she said.
“I never knew that about you,” he whispered as he turned to look out the window.
“I am beginning to think you did not know me at all.”

But is it too late for Shep to realize he made a terrible mistake all those years ago?
Can Julia forgive Shep for breaking her heart?

What about another suitor who will get in his way?

About The Author:

In a near cynical world which we are currently living in, Charlotte finds comfort in the readings of Regency Romance writings, one of her favourite would be Laura Kinsale’s Flowers from the storm where the female character loves and saves the male lead character who is a stroke victim. It was such writings which inspired her to be an author herself.

In Charlotte’s writings, the characters are able to see beyond the imperfections of each other and to accept and love one another, just the way one is.

Isn’t this true of our inner self?
To be able to find someone who is able to see the beauty in us, in spite of all imperfections we might have.
Isn’t this true of what love really should be?
Ever accepting, ever loving, ever seeking.

May you find love and acceptance in Charlotte’s writings. 

She also writes other historical romance titles under the pseudonym Eleanor Meyers.

The Warrior’s Wife

The Warriors Series Book 1

(3 Book Series)

by Denise Domning

Digital List Price: $3.99

FREE For a Limited Time at Amazon


Publisher’s Description:

Lady Katherine de Fraisney believes in chaste love until she meets her father’s sworn enemy Sir Rafe Godsol. His kisses awaken her heart and her body in ways she never dreamed possible.

Rafe Godsol is determined to take Kate to avenge his father’s death and reclaim property stolen by Kate’s family. When he discovers the daughter of his foe could be the wife of his heart when he never expected to marry, he’ll defy anyone who tries to take her from him, be that her father, his king…or even the lady herself.

A Pirate for Christmas

A Regency Novella

by Anna Campbell

Digital List Price: $2.99

FREE For a Limited Time at:

Amazon ~ B&N

Publisher’s Description:

There’s a pirate in the manor house!51oodpivdbl

What is vicar’s daughter Bess Farrar to do when the dashing new earl, the man gossip paints as a ruthless pirate, kisses her the day they meet? Why, kiss him right back, of course! Now Lord Channing vows to claim the lovely firebrand, despite interfering villagers, a snowstorm, scandal, and a rascally donkey. The gallant naval captain’s first landlocked Christmas promises mayhem – and a lifetime of breathtaking passion

Pursued by the pirate…

Bess Farrar might be an innocent village miss, but she knows enough about the world to doubt Lord Channing’s motives when he kisses her the very day they meet. After all, local gossip insists that before this dashing rake became an earl, he sailed the Seven Seas as a ruthless pirate.

Bewitched by the vicar’s daughter…

Until he unexpectedly inherits a title, staunchly honorable Scotsman Rory Beaton has devoted his adventurous life to the Royal Navy. But he sets his course for tempestuous new waters when he meets lovely, sparkling Bess Farrar. Now this daring mariner will do whatever it takes to convince the spirited lassie to launch herself into his arms and set sail into the sunset.

A Christmas marked by mayhem.

Wooing his vivacious lady, the new Earl of Channing finds himself embroiled with matchmaking villagers, an eccentric vicar, mistaken identities, a snowstorm, scandal, and a rascally donkey. Life at sea was never this exciting. The gallant naval captain’s first landlocked Christmas promises hijinks, danger, and passion – and a breathtaking chance to win the love of a lifetime

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