Kensington Craft Off! Michele S.

Being crafty and thrifty during the holidays.

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Dollar Store Christmas Wreath.

I spend 21$ dollars at the dollar store.

Flowers. Ornaments. Bells. Pine cones. Birds. Reindeer.


Dollar stores are great! Why spend 50-75$ and UP! On a wreath that’s so-so if you can make your own for less than 25$.

I was hoping to find a Santa or Elf but my dollar store was fresh out, so I settled for the sparkly Reindeer as the center piece in my wreath.

I probably won’t use all the items I bought at the dollar store such as the bell, bird, or the gold reindeer. I feel like they aren’t going with how my wreath is turning out. But have no fear! They are going into my craft bin to be used in another craft down the road. I highly recommend starting a craft bin if you don’t have one already. Save everything! You never know when you might need…

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