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Christmas Brides

3 Regency Novellas

by Cheryl Bolen

Print List Price: $8.99

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21,500 words (about 100 pages)
Heat index: Sweet

To grant her dying father his last Christmas wish, Miss Annabelle Pemberton proposes marriage to her father’s former ward, the rakish viscount Lord William de Vere. How painful it will be, though, to be trapped in a marriage of convenience with the only man she has ever loved.

Marriage to the wealthy heiress will help restore de Vere’s decaying estates, but that is not why he accepts her bizarre proposal. He has grown to love her father as if he were his own, and if Mr. Pemberton selected him for his only child’s husband, then Lord de Vere must honor the man’s final wishes. Little does he suspect his father-in-law knows him better than he knows himself.

20,000 words (about 85 pages)
Heat index: Sweet

For six long years, Captain David St. Vincent has dreamed of returning home to Ramseyfield—and to its prettiest resident, Elizabeth Balfour. To his astonishment, though, it is not Elizabeth, but her plain younger sister, Catherine, whose company he seeks.

Cathy Balfour has worshipped David for as long as she can remember. It was she who wept when he left, she who presented him with a cross to keep him safe while in service to the crown, and she who read and carefully collected the newspaper accounts of his sea battles. But how can one as plain as she ever hope to win his heart?

Best Historical Novella of 2011*
(This novella was first published as an ebook in 2011.)
Approximate length: 21,000 words (about 100 pages)
Heat index: Sweet

This is a lovely story, tender and romantic, with a dashing hero and a beautiful heroine. A very satisfying read. – Linda Sims, Top Amazon UK reviewer

It wasn’t to be a real marriage. . .

Harry Tate is an army captain of some means who is almost certain to die when he returns to Spain on the morrow. Elizabeth Hensley is a destitute beauty he’s only too happy to help.

Two years later. . .

When they meet again at his ancestral home, Harry is now Viscount Broxbourne, bent on showing his wife how much he wants her to be his real viscountess by Christmas.

*Winner in Romance Through the Ages, sponsored by Hearts Through History

Some Like It Charming

A Temporary Engagement Book 1

by Megan Bryce

Digital List Price: $0.99

FREE For a Limited Time at:

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Mackenzie Wyatt believes in two things: herself and her plan. And her plan is to keep her head down and to work hard until she can retire. Never mind that she doesn’t know what she’ll do once she retires– at least she won’t be working for the man anymore. Because even though he’s a gorgeous man, he’s still her boss and he likes to push her buttons.

Ethan Howell O’Connor’s charmed life comes to a screeching halt after his latest ex-girlfriend starts a fashionable trend in talking to the tabloids. Now all of Ethan’s old girlfriends are talking to the press, ruining his reputation, and wiping that charming smile right off his face. The only person who can brighten his black mood is the same person who can annoy him to kingdom come. He and Mackenzie have feuded since the day she was hired but now Ethan’s starting to realize: maybe those sparks were hiding a blazing fire.

Mackenzie’s about to find out that sometimes a gorgeous man can come up with a plan all his own, and it’s a given that it’ll mess hers up.

~A Temporary Engagement~ (books can be read in any order)
Some Like It Charming
Some Like It Ruthless
Some Like It Perfect
Some Like It Hopeless

The Yuletide Countess

Harriet’s Traditional Regency Romance

by Alicia Quigley

Digital List Price: $0.99

FREE For a Limited Time at Amazon


”Good people in a believable tale. Very true to the Recency wit and twists of fate. Happily, I read this close to Christmas and it has set the theme for me to create a happy holiday in my little castle for my husband and children.” ~ Reader review

“A great read. Want to read more of Alicia Quigley!!! A very sweet and wonderful story. This book kept me up wanting to know what happens.” ~ Reader review

Harriet Walcott, companion of Miss Isobel Paley (from The Secret Bluestocking), is the perfect 51gsn9lovslexample of a spinster: past the usual age of marriage and content to spend her days with her needlework and her painting, without a hope for love. Her fondness for her family, along with her ability to find joy in everything, endears her to most who know her.

On her annual sojourn with Isobel to Ballydendargan, Scotland, Harriet finds more than the peace and quiet of the countryside. She meets Miss Catherine Dalburn, governess to Lord Glencairn’s two children as well as the children themselves. The two women form a friendship and Harriet grows fond of the children.

While Isobel pursues her “secret bluestocking” interests and Lord Francis Wheaton arrives in Ballydendargan to continue his pursuit of Isobel’s heart, Harriet finally meets Lord Glencairn. A dashingly handsome man in his later years with twinkling blue eyes and beautiful white hair, he and Harriet become fast friends, united in their desire to see Isobel and Lord Francis finally admit their feelings for each other and marry.

Fate has a surprise in store for Harriet, who has long thought herself “on the shelf.” Are her feelings for Lord Glencairn more than friendship? Can he possibly feel the same for her, especially since he all but disappeared from polite society after his wife’s death ten years before?

The Yuletide Countess is a “co-quel” or “side-car” to The Secret Bluestocking/A Lady of Passion, in that the much of it happens in parallel with the other books. However, the point of view is strictly Harriet’s.


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