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The Angel Knight

by Susan King

Digital List Price: $3.99

$0.99 For a Limited Time at:

Deal Expires On: Nov 10, 2016

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Publisher’s Description:

517tiusgtzlWhen English troops threaten Lady Christiane MacGillean’s beloved castle, she has no choice but to set it ablaze—and with it, the ancient treasure hidden there. Escaping into the Highland hills, she is quickly captured, taken south and caged by the English king. Outraged by the lady’s treatment, Sir Gavin Faulkener bargains for her life—and suddenly finds himself not only guardian of her castle, but wedded to her as well.

As they rebuild the ruined tower together, Christiane begins to trust the knight, who cannot deny his deepening passion for her—but he is honor-bound to the king, and the lady remains very much a rebel…

“A romance of tremendous beauty and heart. Readers will not be able to put this one down.” ~ Affaire de Coeur (5 stars)

“Susan King blends a mystical and historical tale so precise that the reader won’t ever want to leave.” ~Romantic Times Book Club (4.5 stars)

THE CELTIC LAIRDS, in series order
The Angel Knight
Lady Miracle
The Forest Laird

THE SCOTTISH LAIRDS, in series order
Taming the Heiress
Waking the Princess
Kissing the Countess

THE CELTIC NIGHTS, in series order
The Stone Maiden
The Swan Maiden
The Sword Maiden
Laird of the Wind

THE BORDER ROGUES, in series order
The Raven’s Wish
The Raven’s Moon
The Heather Moon

OTHER TITLES by Susan King
The Black Thorne’s Rose

ABOUT Susan King:

Susan King is the bestselling, award-winning author of over 20 historical novels and 81zgiwtdll__ux250_novellas, each one praised for historical accuracy, storytelling quality and lyricism. Her first novel, The Black Thorne’s Rose, was published in 1994, followed by many historical romances written as Susan King and as Sarah Gabriel. As Susan Fraser King, she is the author of Lady Macbeth: A Novel, and Queen Hereafter: A Novel of Margaret of Scotland, published in hardcover and trade paperback from Random House. Many of her backlist novels are now available as e-books with more releases planned. A founding member of the successful author blog, “Word Wenches,” she holds a graduate degree in medieval art history and lives in Maryland with her family.

Learn more about Susan’s books and e-books at www.susanfraserking.com, www.susankingbooks.com and www.wordwenches.com.

Contact Susan directly at susankingbooks@gmail.com                

An American Mail-Order Bride Christmas

2-Book Collection

Victoria, Bride of Kansas & Santa’s Mail-Order Bride

Also includes The Christmas Wish (a bonus short story)

by E.E. Burke

Don’t miss this limited time boxed set at a very special price.

Individual Digital List Price:

Victoria, Bride of Kansas: $2.99

Santa’s Mail-Order Bride: $2.99

Purchase today as a Boxed Set For $0.99 at:

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Deal Expires on Nov.09,2016

Romance and adventure spark the spirit of Christmas for two mail-order brides.

Publisher’s Description:

Victoria, Bride of Kansas (#1 Amazon Bestseller)

Jilted society miss Victoria Lowell travels a thousand miles to marry a suitor whose romantic letters51mixpt3hil won her heart. But the man she believes she loves isn’t the one she meets. In fact, he isn’t even expecting her. When the truth finally comes out, it will take a miracle to deliver a happily ever after.

Santa’s Mail-Order Bride

On a mission to bring toys to orphans for Christmas, schoolteacher Maggie O’Brien is forced to go to her brother’s fiercest competitor for help. Though he agrees, his benevolent gesture has one catch–she must find him a bride. Will the love of a determined suitor and the spirit of the holiday capture the matchmaker’s heart?

The Christmas Wish

In this short story, a young orphan who has never known love gets his Christmas wish.

Award-winning author E.E. Burke presents a special historical romance collection from the heart of America that will make you believe in the miracle of love. 

Tarah Scott’s Highland Heroes

Four Highland Romance Novels in One Boxed Set

by Tara Scott

This is a Limited Time Offer

$0.99 at Amazon

Individually Priced:

My Highland Love: $3.99


To Tame a Highland Earl: $3.99

Lord Ruthven’s Bride: $1.99

How does a woman tell her betrothed she murdered her first husband?

Elise Kingston is a wanted woman. Nothing, not even Highlander Marcus MacGregor, will stop her from returning home to ensure that the man responsible for her daughter’s death hangs.

Until she must choose between his life and her revenge.

It’s a Mississippi Deputy Sheriff’s duty to bring a serial killer to justice…even when he’s a three hundred year old Scottish lord. It’s an SAS agent’s duty to save her.

With each passing day, Lord Colin Morrison grows more furious…and more desperate. In three hundred years, not one of the women who shared his bed broke the spell that imprisoned him in Castle Morrison. Margot Saulnier is different. She can save him. All she has to do is give in to her desire for him. Then die.

Deputy Sheriff Margot Saulnier knows her best friend murdered her husband—Margot’s cousin—but she can’t prove it. Now, four years later, out of the blue, Cat calls Margot from Scotland and invites her to visit. Margot turns in her badge and leaves Mississippi. This time, she’ll do whatever it takes to prove Cat murdered Donny. Margot didn’t plan on falling in love with an SAS Agent—or a three-hundred-year-old Scottish lord. Now she must choose.

SAS Agent Charles McNeil is going to keep Margot Saulnier out of trouble—whether she likes it or not. He understands her need for justice, but with no proof and no authority, she’s headed for serious trouble. So is he. Charles didn’t plan on falling in love with Margot. Neither did he plan on saving her from a serial killer.

A man torn between two worlds. Both need him… neither wants him.
Groomed for a life amongst the English aristocracy, Lord Erroll Rushton is unexpectedly thrust back into his father’s Scottish world when the Englishwoman he compromises refuses to marry him.
No gentleman breaks into a lady’s bedchamber…but then, no lady sleeps with a pistol under her pillow.
Miss Eve Crenshaw will marry for love or won’t marry at all. When London’s most notorious rakehell breaks into Eve’s bedroom in the dead of night and compromises her beyond repair, she plans a daring elopement that shocks even the earl.

Love is always sweetest the first time around…
A harmless attraction leads to a friendship that forces Lady Annabelle to choose between the two men who love her. One saved her from a killer. The other is her future husband.
James Waterson, newly titled Viscount Ruthven, is hunting a killer. When Lady Annabelle steps into the killer’s sights, James will do everything in his power to protect her. Even if that means letting her go.

Silken Dreams

by Lisa Bingham

FREE For a Limited Time at Amazon

Also available at other retailers in digital format for $0.99

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Publisher’s Description:

A wanted man seeks refuge with the girl who wants him most.51cwqasdvyl

“SILKEN DREAMS is every romance reader’s fantasy come true… Lisa Bingham knows how to play on our secret wishes, and, in this sensual, delightful, humorous, and tender romance, she holds you captive from first page to last.”—Romantic Times

Lettie Grey is in love with a man who exists only in her thoughts. The highwayman, dark and dangerous, dwells in her most wanton fantasies where he stirs her deepest desires. But when Ethan McGuire, a bank robber and fugitive, arrives in her small town, Lettie realizes the sensual stranger of her imagination is more than just a dream.

On the run from the law and a ruthless band of vigilantes, Ethan seeks shelter in the safety of Lettie’s small attic bedroom, and in the heat of her embrace. But can a man who trusts no one give away his heart in the midst of a fight for his life?

“A can’t-put-it-down cliffhanger of the best sort, a real winner. Bravo, Bingham!”—Rendezvous

“SILKEN DREAMS is a delightful tale with mystery, love, and a most intriguing set of secondary characters. The hero and heroine are flawed but endearing, and the mystery component of the novel is paced well enough to keep the reader guessing.”—Affaire de Coeur

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