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A Baxter Family Christmas

51chhb0oifl__sx352_bo1204203200_by Karen Kingsbury

Howard Books

Women’s Fiction, General Fiction (Adult)

Pub Date 25 Oct 2016

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Publisher’s Description:

Karen Kingsbury’s most beloved characters are back!

From #1 New York Times bestselling author Karen Kingsbury comes A Baxter Family Christmas, a life-changing story of love and hope featuring the Baxter family.

Whether you’re meeting the Baxter family for the first time, or finding them all over again…A Baxter Family Christmas will leave fingerprints on your heart forever.

Two years have passed since the terrible car accident that took the life of John Baxter’s daughter, Erin, her husband and three of their four daughters. Prompted by grief, and missing his daughter, John has invited a stranger for Christmas Eve dinner—Kendra Bryant, the transplant recipient who now has Erin’s heart.

In light of their father’s idea, Ashley and her brother Luke don’t think it’s right. They want to protect their ten-year-old niece, Amy—the only surviving member of the accident. But John is determined and believes meeting this woman is something his deceased daughter would want.

At the same time, Maddie West, the eighteen-year-old daughter of Brooke Baxter West, is praying for meaning this Christmas. Could she find it in a newfound friendship with a boy she never expected to see again? Maddie believes in miracles, especially at Christmastime, but this is a stretch even she can’t imagine.

Meanwhile, Kendra Bryant has been struggling these past few years to find purpose in the tragedy that gave her a second chance. She believes the invitation to see the Baxters and witness their unwavering faith in God can instill peace and happiness back into her life.

Heartwarming and touching, filled with love and redemption, A Baxter Family Christmas brings together two families in the aftermath of loss and in the midst of an unfolding love story, all with the help of one very special child.

My Thoughts:

This is a Wonderful Story!!! This inspirational, Christian  Christmas story was one I could not put down. I finished it the same day I started it.

I have seen her books turned into movies for Hallmark but this is the first one I have read. I will be sure to read others now that I have become acquainted with her books.

I must admit that I at times had to put it down due to my tears clouding my vision. Whether you are a long time reader of her works or a new reader this Christmas story is not to be missed.

I would give this book a solid 5 starrating5star5 rating for storyline and characterization.
I received a complimentary Digital ARC to read of this book which in no way affected my opinion.


#1 New York Times Bestselling novelist Karen Kingsbury writes Life-Changing Fiction™ 910epft5bll__ux250_and has been called America’s favorite inspirational author. There are more than 25 million copies of her award-winning books in print, including several million copies sold in the past year. Karen’s last dozen titles have topped national bestseller charts and many of her novels are under development as feature films and television movies.

In addition, Roma Downey and MGM Studios announced this year that they are developing 22 of Karen’s Baxter Family novels into a TV series. She lives in Tennessee with her husband Don and their five sons, three of whom are adopted from Haiti. Their actress daughter Kelsey lives nearby and is married to Christian recording artist Kyle Kupecky. The couple recently welcomed their first child, Hudson, making Karen and Don grandparents for the first time.

Liberty University: Karen is a visiting professor at Liberty University where she teaches master classes in a number of disciplines two weeks each semester. Karen has often said if Heaven had a university, it would be Liberty.

Movies: Two of Karen’s bestselling books were made into Hallmark Channel movies. The Bridge 1 & 2 are now available on DVD through Hallmark. Roma Downey and MGM Studios announced this year that they are developing 22 of Karen’s Baxter family novels into a TV series. In addition, several of Karen’s books are in development as feature films and television movies. In 2011, Karen’s novel Like Dandelion Dust was made into a highly acclaimed feature film starring Barry Pepper and Mira Sorvino. Like Dandelion Dust released in theaters across the country and is now also available on DVD.

Radio: In addition, Karen has recently been added as an on-air talent with the #1 syndicated morning radio program Keep the Faith. Karen’s segment, “The Heart of the Story” airs several times an hour every day of the week during the program.

Speaking: Karen is also a public speaker, reaching tens of thousands of women annually through various national events. She talks about having “One Chance to Write the Story of Your Life”, encouraging her fans to love well, laugh often, and find a life of faith.

Readers: Karen is actively involved with her readers and often shares time with them on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. She has a free newsletter, which she uses to keep readers up to date on new releases, movies, TV shows, blogs, and book giveaways. Readers can sign up for Karen’s free newsletter on her website:

A Gentleman Never Tells

The Wetherby Brides, Book 1

by Jerrica Knight-Catania

 Digital List Price: $0.99

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The Wetherby Brides, Book 1:

Setting: Regency England

Sensuality: Warm (7)

41mxd-yrk8lBenjamin Wetherby, Earl of Glastonbury and heir to the Marquisate of Eastleigh, has just received an urgent letter from home. His father is dying and he must return to England at once. Benjamin is a man bound by honor and duty, to both his country and his family. So, despite his reservations, he leaves his life in New York City behind so he may find a wife and assume his role as the Marquess of Eastleigh.

Miss Phoebe Blake is finally out of mourning for her father, and just in time. She and her mother could be days away from being carted off to debtors prison, so Phoebe returns to society with the intent and determination to secure a rich husband.

Sparks fly when Benjamin and Phoebe meet, and it appears they have both found just what they are looking for. But will a dark secret keep them from finding their happily ever after?

About the Author:61xbf2m0khl__uy200_

After obtaining a degree in Vocal Performance from the Manhattan School of Music, and years of pursuing a career on the stage, Jerrica left the “glamorous” life of an actress in favor of writing romance. She resides in the Palm Beach area with her husband, cat and princess-in-training.

Honor and Secrets

A Risqué Regency Romance

The Gypsy Gentlemen Book 1

by Sahara Kelly

Regular Low Price: $0.99

BUY NOW at Amazon

“One simply has not experienced pleasure until a Gypsy Gentleman has shared one’s bed.” An Anonymous London hostess, Carlton House, 1815

51k9gbmrm7lSix men, united by war, form a friendship bonded by mutual respect and affection. Tired of fighting, they travel to England, cutting a swath through London’s Society with their music, their good looks and their outrageous sensuality. Each man is possessed of secrets better kept hidden, but together they are a force for good – and a delightful danger to the women who adore them.

Hungarian Viktor Karoly is the ideal “Gypsy”. Dark, handsome and musically gifted, Viktor is growing tired of their London evenings, and accepts an invitation to visit Lord Eventyde’s country home. What he finds there? Something magical that casts a spell over both himself and the nymph dancing to the sound of his violin.

Pyotr Josef is not in the least troubled to be on his own, misdirecting villains and leading them on a chase to nowhere in the English countryside. He is, however, considerably troubled when a body falls on him from a tree and he discovers to his utter astonishment that it is that of a young woman. And one he knows all too well. His secrets are secrets no more, and although the danger to his person is in the past, the danger to his heart has just begun…

(Recommended for mature audiences)

Control and Compassion

A Risqué Regency Romance

The Gypsy Gentlemen Book 2

by Sahara Kelly

Regular Low Price: $0.99

BUY NOW at Amazon

Book II in the adventures of six wild and sensual Regency gentlemen.

51s-ipkc-lMaking his way back to London through the English countryside, Gyorgy seizes the chance to visit a country fair, and have a little fun – something sorely lacking in his life as he fought with his comrades against Napoleon in Europe. What he discovers there, however, leads to something hotter than simple fun—and it starts with the flick of a whip…and an alluring pair of china blue eyes.

Meanwhile, Mat and Luc, brothers-of-the-soul, take some quiet time to camp deep in a tranquil forest. At least it was tranquil, until some ugly characters decide to go hunting there. Their prey? A very scared woman. Rescuing her is first on the agenda, and after that? Well, Mat and Luc soon find out that Priscilla is the answer to their most outrageous desires. And Priscilla discovers what a little freedom can offer to a woman with nothing to lose.

[Mature Content]

Endings and Beginnings

A Risqué Regency Romance

The Gypsy Gentlemen Book 3

by Sahara Kelly

Regular Low Price: $0.99

BUY NOW at Amazon

Book III in the adventures of six wild and sensual Regency gentlemen.

“We stand together. Always have, always will.” Count Viktor Karoly, London.61te-tbctrl

He’s their leader – he united them and molded them into the Gypsy Gentlemen. It was his hand that pointed the way to protect the weak and help those in need. Fabyan Szabo took them from the horrors of war to success in the ballrooms of Regency London, and did it all in silence. Because Fabyan does not speak.

As his friends rejoin him in London, set on a task that will bring them all together, Fabyan uncovers a surprise of his own that unlocks his voice and more. There are punishments to be administered and matters of the heart to be settled. As always—at the core of the six Gentlemen—is their soul. His name is Fabyan…

[Mature Content]


About The Author:

Sahara Kelly was born and raised in England, enjoying all the benefits of living less than 818jnuhts9l__ux250_twenty miles from Jane Austen’s home in Chawton, Hampshire. So it’s no surprise her first love was reading and her second – writing. It wasn’t long before that first book appeared and when it was accepted, Sahara knew she’d found her heart’s delight.

Of course, life intervened, and nearly twenty years of marriage and motherhood passed before she got back to the business of words and stories. Now there was a new wrinkle… eBooks. Genres flew from her keyboard and now there are over sixty novels out there with her name on them someplace. Recently Sahara stepped away from traditional ePublishers and into the fresh sunlight of self-publishing. She has rediscovered her bliss, finding freedom to write the stories she wants, the way she wants. She does her own cover art over five years ago, she released her first three independently published short tales – contemporary romances touched by the Victorian ambience of Steampunk! Since then, many more stories have followed and her Risqué Regencies have become best-sellers, entertaining readers who enjoy British historical romances set in that time period. Please follow Sahara here at Amazon to keep up to date with the excitement yet to come!           

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