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Highland Awakening

A Highland Knights Novel

by Jennifer Haymore

My Thoughts:
This is another well written Highland Knights Novel
This is book #3 of this series. Book #4, “Highland Temptation” is set to release later this cover90040-mediumyear. The series will be much better read in order, but they do work as Stand Alone novels. Reading them as a series, however will introduce you to all of the characters in the order they are first introduced.
This is a well developed book with believable characters.

~~This review originally left at Amazon, Goodreads & Netgalley.~~

I gave this book a 3.75 star rating
I received a digital ARC of this title in exchange for an honest review.

Currently reading for review: “Highland Temptation” 

Pub Date 23 Aug 2016

The Governor’s Daughter

Winds of Change Book 1

by Jerri Hines

Digital List price: $2.99

FREE For a Limited Time at Amazon


Cathryn Blankenship has no desire for a season in London! Why on earth would her father want her to leave her home in Charles Town? Upon Cathryn’s steadfast refusal, Governor Blankenship is forced to assign a young lieutenant to watch over Cathryn on the journey and ensure his daughter’s appearance in London. Cathryn finds Lieutenant Jake Pennington the most aggravating, maddening man she has ever met…a man Cathryn soon admits she is in no hurry to see leave.

But fate has other plans for her in a world she is ill prepared to enter. She descends into a place where love and betrayal go hand and hand, where greed and treachery are second nature, but moreover the threat her father believes he has sent her is awaiting her arrival. When fate tears her apart from her Lieutenant, Cathryn finds herself desolate and alone. Soon, Cathryn makes fateful decisions that will send her back to her home.

A home far different than the one she left. A war rages. Soon, she discovers her life is in danger and the only one that can save her is the one who left her heartbroken.

Author’s Note: This book was previously published with Whiskey Creek Press as The Judas Kiss and The Promise under the Tides of Charleston Series.

Skye’s Lure

A Contemporary Fantasy Mermaid Romance

by Angel Leya

Digital List Price: $1.99

FREE For a Limited Time at Amazon

Can saving a human destroy her people? 417ypubgy+L

In the middle of the night, a party ship glows, luring Skye away from her pod to spy on the land-dwellers. When the ship’s owner, Vince, falls overboard, she saves him, despite the consequences she might face under the Elder’s harsh laws.

The boat returns–as Vince searches for the mermaid who saved his life–and so does Skye. Lured by the promise of seeing land without leaving the safety of her ocean, Skye boards the boat, but Vince isn’t as trustworthy as she thought.
Skye must find a way to protect the secret of her existence before the Mer meet their destruction, a fate the Sea King forewarned them about long ago.

Young adult readers who are looking for a modern and more grown up take on the Little Mermaid will enjoy Skye’s journey of discovery in this urban fantasy romance.

Angel Leya enjoys retelling fairy tales in new and intriguing ways, but she wants readers to know that Skye is no Ariel and Vince is no Prince. In this urban fantasy, female protagonist Skye must struggle to learn the truth about herself, her people and Vince before her actions destroy everything she holds dear. It’s a modern mermaid romance that takes traditional fairytale retellings and flips them on their head.

Dive into the adventure today!

Medieval Hearts

Four Epic Tales of Romance and Passion

by Multiple Authors

$0.99 at Amazon


Amazon All-Stars Emma Prince and Elizabeth Rose along with best-selling authors Ria Cantrell and Ruth Kaufman proudly invite you to step back through the ages to experience the romance and passion of Vikings, Knights and Pirates in this limited edition collection of four full-length novels.

Enthralled by Emma Prince:
When raiding Northumbria’s holy houses to help his village, Eirik meets Laurel, who stirs him like no other. In an attempt to protect her, he breaks his oath never to claim possession of another person and claims her as his thrall. But can he claim her heart, or will Laurel fall prey to His enemies’ devious schemes?
Torn between securing her freedom or giving herself to her Viking master, will fate decide for Laurel—and rip them apart forever?

Lady of the Mist by Elizabeth Rose:
Echo, daughter of the infamous pirate, Captain Powell ap Llyr, tries to live up to his expectations of being the son he never had. But when handsome lord Garret is trapped aboard her ship, she can’t let him die at the hands of her father and the crew. Love and honor clash as a nobleman and a pirate fall in love and face the most difficult challenge of their lives.

Knight Storm by Ria Cantrell:
Respected as a Healer, Rhianna du Montefort turns a deaf ear to hurtful whispers of “witch” and vows not to marry. Sir Erik Ragnorsen is commanded to marry her, but despite his reputation for honor doesn’t wish to marry a witch. Will love be strong enough to weather the storm that threatens to tear them apart?

The Bride Tournament by Ruth Kaufman:
The Gone with the Wind love triangle meets The Bachelor in late medieval England. The king wants Lady Eleanor to marry the new earl, Richard Courtenay. But she wants to marry her betrothed. So she holds a bride tournament to find the earl a better, more willing bride. Who will win his hand in marriage…and his love?

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