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The Highlander

3rd Book in the Victorian Rebels Series

by Kerrigan Byrne

St. Martin’s Press

St. Martin’s Paperbacks


The Raven’s Moon

The Border Rogues Series, Book 2

by Susan King

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51wygq8IdXLAuthor’s Cut Edition:

Desperate to help her wrongly imprisoned brother, Mairi Macrae takes to the Scottish highways to steal the execution warrant, and waylays the wrong man when she takes down Border officer Rowan Scott.

A notorious deputy on a secret mission, Rowan wants nothing to do with the beautiful Highland thief—yet soon they are caught in an intrigue over lost treasure and a mysterious portent.

As passion steals both their hearts, Rowan and Mairi must take every risk—and lay down their lives to save each other.


RT Reviewer’s Choice Award: Best Medieval

“A wonderfully dark and delectable read. Susan King evokes the Lowlands as few writers have—with all the passion, intrigue, mystery and beauty of the land—and tells a unique, well-crafted romance.” ~Kathe Robin, Romantic Times

“A marvelous Scottish tale. Absolutely wonderful characters, breakneck pacing, and a great setting. I couldn’t put it down.” ~Patricia Potter

THE BORDER ROGUES, in series order
The Raven’s Wish
The Raven’s Moon
The Heather Moon

THE CELTIC NIGHTS, in series order
The Stone Maiden
The Swan Maiden
The Sword Maiden
Laird of the Wind

OTHER TITLES by Susan King
The Black Thorne’s Rose

ABOUT Susan King:
Susan King is the bestselling, award-winning author of 22 historical novels and novellas praised for historical accuracy, master storytelling and lyricism. Learn more about Susan’s books at, and

The Feast of All Saints

Audio Book

by Anne Rice

Narrator: Courtney B. Vance

Published: 1979

©1979 by Anne O’Brien Rice; (P)1991 by Random House, Inc.

Category: Sci Fi & Fantasy

Provider: Random House AudioBooks

Presented by

List Price: $14.95

Sale Priced $2.95 at:

Audible iTunes


In the days before the Civil War, there lived in New Orleans the gens de couleur libre – copper-skinned half-castes, liberated by their “owners,” but confined by their color to a life of political non-existence and social subordination. Still, an aristocracy would emerge in this society: artists, poets and musicians, plantation owners, scientists, and craftsmen whose talents and reputations would extend far beyond the limits of their small world. Best selling author Anne Rice’s probing, lyrical style sweeps you into their midst as she introduces Marcel, the sensitive, blue-eyed scholar; Marie, his breathtakingly beautiful sister, whose curse is to pass for white; Christophe, novelist and teacher, the idol of all young gens; and stunning Anna Bella, whose allure for the well-to-do white man would become legend. Here is a compelling and richly textured tale of a people forever caught in the shadows between black and white.

A Loving Spirit

Lessons in Temptation Series, Book 1

by Amanda McCabe

Digital List Price: $2.99

 On Sale for $0.99 Until 07/31/2016 at: Amazon

Following the death of her parents, Miss Cassandra “Cassie” Richards returns to England, 51GsMyEcdpLand accepts Lady Royce’s invitation to Cornwall.

Upon arriving at the 500-year-old Royce Castle complete with secret rooms and friendly ghosts, Cassie encounters Lady Royce’s son Phillip, the bookish and painfully reserved Earl of Royce.

A man of logic and order, Phillip has no patience for Miss Cassandra’s frivolous notions of ghosts and hauntings.

Fortunately, there’re a couple of loving spirits willing to give the couple a helping hand.

“An intriguing and clever mix of the living and the dead, this lively tale is sure to please.” ~Romantic Times

“An engaging romp with a romance that’s sure to please.” ~Romance Reviews Today

LESSONS IN TEMPTATION, in series order
A Loving Spirit
A Lady in Disguise
A Tangled Web

Award-winning author Amanda McCabe wrote her first romance at the age of sixteen, and never stopped. Now she lives in Oklahoma with two cats, a Pug, a very bossy miniature Poodle, and far too many books.

Sea Lords and Ladies Boxed Set

NEW! A limited time Multi-genre Collection of Romance and Passion on the High Seas

by Elizabeth Rose

Buy Now at Amazon For $0.99


This is a Limited Time multi-genre collection of a variety of Elizabeth’s works that take place on the high sea or on/near a body of water.

This set includes:

A Viking’s Promise:
(Sweet Viking Novella)

Brandr Gunnison makes a promise to his sweetheart, Kadlin Olvisdotter to return from a raid to marry her. But things don’t go as planned and a promise sealed with the gift of a dainty blue Forget-me-not is left hanging in the balance.

The Sheik and the Siren
Book 4, Elemental Series
(Medieval Paranormal Romance)

Tied to the mast of his ship, Captain Asad (Ace) of Thorndale sails his ship through Death’s Door in order to be the only man to ever hear the song of the siren and live to tell about it. What he doesn’t expect is for Ebba Tyne, a siren, to board his ship with her small army of misfit men and rob him blind while he stands by and watches, unable to stop her. And when he returns to her island to collect his belongings, his life changes forever.

The Baron’s Bounty
Book 2, Barons of the Cinque Ports Series
(Medieval Romance)

Conlin de Barose, Baron of the Cinque Ports, saves a girl from a shipwreck at sea only to find the Scottish lass is the proxy of his betrothed. Isobel MacEwen does her cousin’s bidding, being tempted by a pair of shoes. Isobel loves shoes of every kind and her infatuation with them keeps getting her into trouble. Now she’s to marry the handsome baron in her cousin’s stead, but doesn’t plan on falling in love with him and becoming fond of his young daughter in the process.

Lady of the Mist
Book 4, Legacy of the Blade Series
(Medieval Romance)

Sir Garrett of Blackmore is a Baron of the Cinque Ports and it is his duty to keep the channel free of pirates. But when he overtakes a pirate ship in a storm he finds himself separated from his own men and at the mercy of the pirate Captain Powell ap Llyr and his feisty but beautiful daughter, Echo.

Saving Simon
Book 5, Tarnished Saints Series
(Contemporary Romance)

Simon Taylor is the son of a preacher along with his eleven brothers. However, they are far from saints, they are nothing but trouble. Once an officer in the Navy, Simon now works as Safety Officer aboard a cruise ship. When a woman falls overboard, he risks his life to save her. And when he returns home to the little town of Sweet Water, the woman he’s saved, Piper Westwood, happens to show up to close down the town’s coveted marina.

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