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“Beauty and the Highland Beast”

by Lecia Cornwall

Released June 21st, 2016

Digital List Price: $3.99


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Powerful and dangerous highlander Dair Sinclair was once the favored son of his clan, The Sinclairs of Carraig Brigh. With Dair at the helm, Sinclair ships circled the globe bringing home incredible fortune. Until one deadly mission when Daire is captured, tortured and is unable to save his young cousin. He returns home breaking under the weight of his guilt and becomes known as the Madman of Carraig Brigh.

When a pagan healer predicts that only a virgin bride can heal his son’s body and mind, Daire’s father sets off to find the perfect wife for his son. At the castle of the fearsome McLeods, he meets lovely and kind Fia MacLeod.

Although Daire does his best to frighten Fia, she sees the man underneath the damage and uses her charm and special gifts to heal his mind and heart. Will Daire let Fia love him or is he cursed with madness forever?

This is a wonderfully written book with well developed characters.this is my first time reading this authors work. I was a little concerned about the number of chapters. Seventy seemed an enormous undertaking. However they were short chapters for the most part. I did think that 2 or 3 of them would have stood well combined into a single chapter.  I would read other offerings by this author if given the opportunity.
I gave this book a 4.5 star rating.

I received a digital ARC of this book in exchange for an honest review.

Wicked Temptations:

Five Seductively Enticing Historical Romances

From NY Times and USA Today bestselling author Erica Ridley,

USA Today bestselling author Anthea Lawson

and bestselling, award-winning authors Monica Burns, Katy Madison and Sandra Schwab.

Digital List Price: $0.99

FREE For a Limited Time at:

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This box set is a wickedly tempting collection of five full-length historical romances from Erica RidleyNY Times and USA Today bestselling author; Anthea LawsonUSA Today bestselling author, and bestselling, award-winning authors Monica Burns, Katy Madison, and Sandra Schwab. Enjoy these five full-length romances set against the backgrounds of ancient Rome and Britannia, Regency England, the exotic beauty of Tunisia in the Victorian era, and the danger of Jack the Ripper’s Victorian London.

From NY Times and USA Today bestselling author Erica Ridley — The Viscount’s Christmas Temptation, Book one of the Dukes of War series.
When disaster strikes and Lord Benedict Sheffield’s family’s annual Christmas ball is canceled, Lady Amelia Pembroke steps in to save the day. Suddenly Lord Sheffield is up to his cravat with tinsel… and tumbling head over heels in love.

From USA Today bestselling and RITA-nominated author Anthea Lawson — Fortune’s Flower, Book one of the Passport to Romance series
Miss Lily Strathmore is on her last grand adventure abroad before marrying a proper (and boring) viscount. James Huntington is searching for his grandfather’s lost journals to regain the family fortune. When James and Lily are thrown together on a botanical expedition in the wilds of Tunisia they find themselves losing their hearts as they race to keep their enemies from bringing all their dreams crashing down.

From Bestselling author and Gold & Bronze Medals winner in the International Book Awards and IPPY contests Monica Burns — Obsession Book one of the Reckless Rockwoods series
Sebastian Rockwood, Earl of Melton, offers Helen Rivenall safe harbor from a terrifying past if she’ll participate in a harmless charade. As head of the Rockwood family, a dark secret has taught Sebastian to value control above all else. But as their charade progresses, control gives way to sinful pleasures. Set against the backdrop of Jack the Ripper’s London, two damaged souls struggle to find each other.

From Bestselling author and Holt Medallion nominee Katy Madison — The Wedding Duel, Book one of the Dueling Pistols series
It was meant to be a duel like any other. Instead, Keene Davies finds himself married to Sophie Farthing, a hoyden. High-spirited and with a penchant for disaster, Sophie’s determined to teach her husband that honor begins with the heart, not the handle of a pistol, and that passion should go hand in glove with love.

From Award-winning author Sandra Schwab – Eagle’s Honor: Banished, Book one of the Eagle’s Honor series
A forbidden love tested by the intrigues of the Roman Empire. When Centurion Marcus Florius Corvus is entrapped in a scheme designed to destroy him, he cannot help risking everything for Lia, the woman he’s given his heart to, even if it means banishment to one of the most dangerous places in the empire: the northern frontier of Britannia.

Dragon Song

(Dawn of the Dragon Queen Book 1)

by Tara West         

Digital List Price: $2.99

FREE For a limited Time at:

Amazon ~ B&N ~ iBooks ~ Kobo

**Winner of the 2015 Grave Ells Readers’ Choice Awards, Favorite Fantasy Romance**

Duncan MacQuoid, dragonslayer, is no more. In his place is a tortured man seeking solace for his 514TZM4uWOL__SX328_BO1,204,203,200_sins. One fateful night he finds a woman he believes will be his salvation. Little does he know, his love for her could be his final undoing.

Fiona Firesblood, dragon-shifter and noble queen, will stop at nothing to protect her child, even if it means she must sever the bond with her mate, Duncan MacQuoid, the one man she loves above all others, and the one man whose past could destroy them all.

Safina Firesblood, daughter of a cursed union between dragon and dragonslayer, has grown into a young woman, a powerful dragon princess in her own right. She’s given one chance at true love; will she risk the dragon queen’s wrath or resign herself to an eternity of sorrow?


by Cerise DeLand

Digital List Price: $0.99

FREE For a Limited Time at:

Amazon ~ Kobo

Romantic comedy about one adventurous lady and her demanding client!


   When a proper lady of the ton takes on a new client in her risqué matchmaking business, she discovers that he has one decadent demand. Spend the night with him!

* * * * *

   Lady Kitty Varney runs a discreet business to support herself and pay off her late husband’s gambling debts. When Viscount Justin Belmont appears in her parlor, Kitty’s latest client is the very man she was forbidden to marry years ago. Kitty questions if she can find Justin a woman worthy of him…and if she can bear to help him wed any other woman.

   Then Justin lists his criteria for a wife and Kitty is shocked to learn she is among the few candidates suitable. Worse, he demands each candidate spend one night with him.

   Can Kitty deny herself the chance to enjoy the charms of the man she’s never forgotten? Lady Varney’s risqué business might be her saving grace—but it may well become her undoing.

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