Wonderful Wednesday Bargains & Freebies


Ecstasy Wears Emeralds

(The Jaded Gentlemen Book 3)

by Renee Bernard

Digital List Price: $4.99

FREE For a Limited Time at:

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From Renee Bernard comes the latest gem in her series of seductive gentlemen–and the tempting women who entice them…
516L67FcrhL._SX331_BO1,204,203,200_Like all the Jaded Gentlemen, Dr. Rowan West may have his secrets, but he’s done his best to forgive the ghosts of his past and move on with his life. Until the beautiful Miss Gayle Renshaw appears on his doorstep, jeopardizing his medical practice, his reputation and worst of all, his heart.
In her desperation to become a doctor, Gayle uses what she knows of Rowan’s fiance’s mysterious death to blackmail him into taking her on as an apprentice. With his back against the wall, Rowan agrees, but quickly discovers that Gayle isn’t as heartless as she seems. Captivated by his tenacious and brilliant new student, Rowan finds himself surrendering to temptation, just as the enemies of the Jaded start to encroach. Now, with both their lives threatened, Rowan may be forced to give up the woman he loves to save her life…


Happily Ever After

(Redeemable Rogues Book 3)

by Tanya Anne Crosby

Digital List Price: $4.99

$0.99 For a Limited Time at Amazon

Price Goes Up to $4.99 June 12th


Boston heiress Sophia Vanderwahl has come to realize her fiancé is a rotten philanderer. Looking for retribution, she sets out to find the wastrel to give back his engagement ring, hiring an old rival of his to take her to Mexico.

Although suspicious of her motives, Jack MacCauley needs the money to finance his expedition. In this light-hearted seafaring romance, Jack and Sophie learn to trust each other as lovers and friends.

Review from Publisher’s Weekly: Crosby (On Bended Knee) stays true to form in this lively late-19th-century romance about Sophia Vanderwahl, a Boston heiress funding her delinquent fiancé, Harlan Penn, who has gone off to explore the Yucatan and, as it becomes apparent, the joy of native women. Looking for retribution, Sophia sets out to find Harlan and give back his engagement ring. She hires Jack MacAuley, an overbearing adventurer–and old rival of Harlan’s–to take her to Mexico. Though suspicious of Sophia’s motives in using him, Jack needs the money to finance an expedition of his own. Jack is convinced that Sophia is out to sabotage his boat, but before long, angry sparks turn into romantic ones. Gradually Jack and Sophia each learn to trust the other as both lover and friend. The entertaining banter of Crosby’s characters will keep readers engaged in this humorous romance. (Nov.)

From RT Book Reviews: Once again, Tanya Anne Crosby gifts readers with a love story to cherish. Her amazing gift for spinning a colorful yarn will enthrall as the reader is swept away on the waves of Jack and Sophias heartwarming voyage of discovery.

Once Upon a Rogue

(Historical Rake Duke Romance)

Victorian Romance: 

(19th Century England Lady Romance)

by Julia Regan

Digital List Price: $3.99

FREE For a Limited Time at Amazon

Emmeline Hughes has lived a privileged yet boring life of custom, groomed for the day when she 51t93LuOA8Lwill be wed to a member of the peerage. When her twin brother disappears, she takes it upon herself to look for him. Disguised as a member of the working class, she ventures to a place she often heard her brother mention: Covent Garden. In that den of ill repute, Emmeline is awakened to desire. Soon, she becomes a lady at court by day, and a courtesan by night. It is during this time that she encounters David, a mysterious rogue who not only ignites her passion but steals her heart.

Emmeline’s double life must come to an end when she is to be presented to the Duke of Bouillon as a prospective bride. Can Emmeline give up her secret existence – and David – to become the prim and proper wife of a duke?

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