My Review of “Whisper of Magic” by Patricia Rice

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The death of Celeste Rochester’s father on the voyage from Jamaica to London leaves her and her young siblings nearly penniless in a foreign country. Forced to battle lawyers for her inheritance and the roof over their heads, Celeste has only one weapon: her mysteriously compelling voice.

Having become a barrister to fight injustice, Lord Erran inexplicably incites a riot with his first impassioned speech. Barred from the courtroom, he acts as solicitor for his brother, the Marquess of Ashford. His first job for Ashford requires moving tenants from his brother’s townhouse—a simple task until Erran meets the uncommon beauty living there and realizes she is under attack.

Erran cannot heave Celeste’s desperate family from their home, even though his blind brother needs the property. Nor can he sit back and watch unseen enemies do the job for him.

Can Celeste trust him to defeat their foe? And if Erran succeeds in saving the lady with the intoxicating voice, can he bear to evict her—when she alone understands the turbulence ruining his life?

My Thoughts:
In this is the second book in the Unexpected Magic Series we find many of the characters from book #1. We are also introduced to a new branch of the family. I loved book #1 but found this one to be only mildly interesting. The laughter and pure magic of book one was in this readers opinion missing from book #2. It took most of the book for me to get really engrossed. I think it needed more of book #1’s laughter. This would have made it a much better read.

I gave it a 3.25 star rating.
I received a digital ARC of this book from the author in exchange for an honest review.

I also do reviews through Netgalley although this one came straight from the author.



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