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Kill or Be Kilt

by Victoria Roberts

Read and Reviewed March 5, 2016

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It’s been three years since Lady Elizabeth Walsingham ended her childish crush on Laird Ian Munro, the fierce Highlander who scared everyone but her. She’s a grown woman now, heading to London to find a proper English gentleman. But when the wild Highland laird walks through the door, she’s that breathless youth all over again.

Ian tries hard to avoid the young lass who’s confounded him for years. But now that they’re attending court, he must keep watch on her night and day. Danger is at every turn and advisors to the Crown are being murdered. Ian soon realizes the girl he’s been protecting is a beautiful lady who needs his help, almost as much as he needs her.  

My Thoughts:
In this continuation of the “Highland Spies” series we find Ian and Elizabeth both trying to deny their love for one another.  Victoria Roberts has continued this series with familiar characters to conclude their story. We became familiar with a very young Elizabeth in the previous books where her sisters were featured.
Victoria has ended their tale masterfully. This is a not to be missed addition to the “Highland Spies ” series. The cover is a masterful rendition of Ian. It looks just like I imagined him.
I gave this one 4.5 stars. Pick up your copy TODAY!


The Untamed Earl

by Valerie Bowman

Read and Reviewed March 2, 2016

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Lady Alexandra Hobbs, the daughter of the Duke of Huntley, has intended to marry Lord Owen Monroe since she first glimpsed him from the window of her bedchamber, back when she was just a girl. But the duke has already chosen Alex’s infamously spoiled elder sister, Lavinia, for Owen. And now there’s no turning back.

Owen has spent most of his bachelor years drinking, gambling, and skirt-chasing. He won’t see another pound from his parents, however, until he’s engaged to Lavinia. Desperate, he accepts an offer from her innocent and spirited—and absolutely beautiful—sister Alex: She will turn him into a perfectly tamed suitor, and show him how to woo the shrew. But when Alex’s true motives come to light, will their bargain lead to recriminations—or to a romance that defies everyone’s expectations?

Award-winning author Valerie Bowman delivers the romance and wit in “The Untamed Earl”, once again. She always amazes me with her witty, touching and well thought out romances. Her “Playful Brides Series” to date has been absolutely amazing. I can’t get enough of these characters. Even though I read this one in a less than ideal format (a 2 page spread pdf.), I couldn’t put it down. I immediately fell in love with Alexandra (or Al as her brother Thomas called her). I equally detested the older sister, Lavinia with her tantrums and spoiled ways.

Our hero, Owen with his secret charitable donations to an orphanage is totally misunderstood by his parents and most people of his acquaintance. He is the GOOD GUY, but not thought to be by most of the ton, but Alex sees right through his bad boy act.

I gave this book a solid 5 star Rating. This one, as all of this series to date, is not to be missed. Make sure to pick up your copy TODAY.

I read a digital ARC of both of these books by invitation from the publisher and/ or the Authors 

This in no way influenced my review.

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