Free For All Friday Freebies


Seduction Wears Sapphires

(The Jaded Gentlemen Book 2)

by Renee Bernard

Digital List Price: $4.99

FREE! For a Limited Time at:

Amazon ~ B&N ~ iBooks ~ Kobo ~ Smashwords

Deal Expires On Apr 24, 2016

The latest jewel of a novel in the tantalizing series of erotic passion set in Victorian London–from Renee Bernard, an acclaimed author known for her “sublimely sensual”* romances…
514V6RxLSkL__SX331_BO1,204,203,200_Ashe Blackwell has enjoyed the life of an unrepentant rakehell ever since his return from India. But when his beloved grandfather challenges him to reform for a single social Season in London–or forfeit his inheritance–Ashe agrees to the ultimate wager.
Fearless when it comes to a dare, Ashe fails to anticipate the ace up his grandfather’s sleeve. He will be assigned an unconventional chaperone–Miss Caroline Townsend, a young, independent, well-educated American woman with beautiful eyes and no patience for rogues.
The sparks fly from their first meeting as the pair squares off in a duel of wills. When passion and desire are added to the mix, they both battle to keep control as a dangerous seduction begins to unravel their lives and threaten their futures…
“Sinfully sexy…Clever, sensual, and superb.”–*Booklist


(Scarlet Suffragette, Book 1)

A Victorian Historical Romantic Suspense Series

by Nicola Claire

Digital List Price: $3.99

FREE! For a Limited Time at Amazon



Nicola Claire’s captivating new Gothic romance series introduces a dark and sinister early settler New Zealand at the end of the nineteenth century – brightened by a fearless and talented heroine and a loyal and secretive police inspector…

Free spirit. Brilliant. A Liability?

Doctor Anna Cassidy has been trained by the best; the former Chief Surgeon for the Auckland Police Force. She knows how to dissect a body. She knows how to treat any ailment. And she knows how to find a cause of death.

But society is not ready for a female surgeon.

Fighting for what she believes in has been ingrained in Anna since she was a young child. But the battles she faces now are not all based on equality. A murderer stalks her fellow Suffragettes and the police inspector in charge of the case could be Anna’s downfall.

Experienced. Dedicated. Something to hide?

Inspector Andrew Kelly holds duty and honour in the highest regard. His role as a detective proves just that; he never stops until justice is served. Love is something he has forsaken, for reasons he’d rather you didn’t know.

But Anna is not a woman a man can ignore.

Fighting his instincts with cold determination is something Kelly has become accustomed to. But a murderer is loose in his adopted city, bringing memories to the fore of a killer who walked in the shadows of Whitechapel, and shining light on a dark past the Inspector is trying hard to forget.

A gritty, twisted, and authentic Victorian romantic suspense, sure to rip you apart… just like old Jack.

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