Wonderful Wednesday Bargains & Freebies

To Challenge the Earl of Cravenswood:

A Wicked Wagers Novel

(Wicked Wagers Trilogy Book 3)

by Bronwen Evans

$0.99 at:

Amazon ~ B&N ~  Kobo

To live happily ever after…

51kiDAnDbuL._SX331_BO1,204,203,200_Henry St. Giles, the Earl of Cravenswood, longs to find his soul mate. Now that his two best friends, both reformed rakes, are happily married, the need becomes an obsession. When they challenge him to find a wife by the end of the season or marry his neighbor, the innocently alluring Lady Amy Shipton, he can’t believe his luck. He wins, either way. But a darkened garden, a case of mistaken identity, a drunken kiss, and a dropped emerald earring, leads Henry on a Cinderella hunt. He knows the woman he held in his arms could be the one he’s searched for all his life. He just has to find her.

Lady Amy Shipton is determined to marry for love instead of sharing her husband like her mother did. So why did she let her handsome neighbor and romantic fantasy, the Sinful Saint as he’s called for his bedroom prowess, seduce her in his garden? And what can she do when in the middle of their passionate encounter; he whispers another woman’s name. Now Henry is hunting the owner of the earring Amy left behind, and she’s determined to retrieve it before her identity is revealed. She’s not about to give her father the ammunition he desperately wants to force her down the aisle.

Book 1 in the Wicked Wagers trilogy, To Dare the Duke of Dangerfield, was a FINALIST in the Kindle Book Review 2012 Indie Romance Book of the Year.

Stay With Me

(With Me Book 1)

by Elyssa Patrick

Digital List Price: $4.99

Currently FREE at:

Amazon ~ B&N ~ Google ~ Kobo

51iwbm+WItL._SX331_BO1,204,203,200_ (1)

I’ve been famous since I can remember. Singing, acting, dancing–I’ve done it all. The tabloids cover my every move, but I don’t want that anymore. I want to be normal, whatever that is.

When I leave Hollywood for college in Vermont, I’m on my own for the first time in my life. This is my chance to figure out who I am and what I want in life.

But it’s a lot harder than I expected. I can’t escape my image. Classes are difficult, and I’m struggling. And then there’s Caleb Fox.

Sexy, intriguing Caleb Fox.

Caleb is the one man who doesn’t want to use me. He breaks down my walls. He challenges me. He wants me. And I just don’t know if I can give him the same–or if he’ll stick around when he finds out my shameful secret that the tabloids haven’t managed to uncover.

Dating him is risky enough, but loving him could break me.


Stay With Me, Book 1 ~ available now for FREE! (Hailey & Caleb)

Go With Me, Book 2 ~ available now (Daphne & Nick)
Try With Me, Book 3 ~ available now (Zelda & Jamie)
Dream With Me, Book 4 ~ available March 17, 2016 (Griff)

Highland Barbarian

(Highlander Series Book 1) 

by Ruth Ryan Langan

Digital List Price: $3.99

Currently FREE at:

Amazon ~ B&N ~ iBooks ~ Kobo ~ Smashwords

From New York Times bestselling Scottish historical romance author Ruth Ryan Langan: The Highlander Series

Meredith MacAlpin, Scottish noblewoman, is kidnapped at the altar by infamous Highland 51-I18OFjBL._SX331_BO1,204,203,200_ (1)Barbarian, Brice Campbell, and spirited away to his fortress in the Highlands. It is rumored that he is the one who has killed her people in a series of raids.

Brice Campbell is desperate to prove his innocence and bring peace to his people, but when he kills the wrong man, his enemy vows revenge.

Can enemies become lovers? Is love strong enough to defy even death?

“…a talented author who never disappoints…” — Romantic Times

Amazon Links for Ruth Ryan Langan’s Exciting Highlander Series:

Highland Barbarian:  amzn.to/1T3AF5v
Highland Heather:  amzn.to/1oHJgxR
Highland Heart:  amzn.to/1RxM1f0
The Highlander:  amzn.to/1TIq7HM
Highland Heaven:  amzn.to/1n8BonW


Highland Heather

(Highlander Series Book 2)

by Ruth Ryan Langan

$0.99 at:

Amazon ~ B&N ~ Kobo ~ iBooks ~ Smashwords

From New York Times bestselling Scottish historical romance author Ruth Ryan Langan: The Highlander Series

51K+V8rzMkL._SX331_BO1,204,203,200_Brenna MacAlpin is leader of her clan, and a powerful woman in Scotland, but when she faces Morgan Grey, known throughout her land as The Queen’s Savage, a fierce English warrior who rides in defense of his queen, she is willing to fight him to the death.

Morgan Grey is forced to act on his queen’s scheme to unite the families through marriage, even though his unwilling partner would rather plant a knife in his back than give in to these unsettling feelings she is experiencing in his arms.

“…a talented author who never disappoints…” — Romantic Times

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