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To Catch A Duke

(Tales From Seldon Park Book 1)

by Bethany Sefchick

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51-vgWjtl0L._SX331_BO1,204,203,200_Lady Julia Rosemont should be enjoying her first season among London’s elite. However nothing could be further from the truth. Even though she’s the sister to the Duke of Candlewood and has been schooled in all of the dictates of polite society, she’s also slightly on the shelf and has lived a rather sheltered life at her family’s country seat, Seldon Park, in Sussex. Then, of course, there is the small matter of her scars.
Garish and all-together too visible, the unusual pattern of scars has defined Julia’s entire life, for she cannot remember a time when they were not a part of her. It seems as if they have always been present, the result of an animal attack when she was a child. Now a debutante in town, Julia is finding it difficult to navigate the ballrooms of London, where being different is greatly frowned upon. Thankfully, she has her best friend, Benjamin, to offer assistance on occasion. That she is also deeply in love with him, and has been for ages, is entirely beside the point and of no consequence.
Benjamin Sinclair, the Duke of Radcliffe, has known both Julia and her brother Nicholas since they were all children. There is nothing he wouldn’t do to protect her. Except that the only reason she’s having a season at all is because he insisted – secretly, of course. Her misery, therefore, is entirely his fault, and he will do anything he can to ease her pain. Even if that means becoming her escort for the remainder of the season. All he has to do is make certain that his heart does not become involved. For the last thing he wants to do is risk his long-standing friendship with Lady Julia.
However when someone threatens to expose long-kept secrets about both Julia and Benjamin, secrets that could plunge both of their families deep into scandal, both of them must decide whether or not to face their fears. Including how they feel about each other. Is love worth the risk? Can Julia finally catch the duke of her dreams? Or will Benjamin forever be just beyond her reach?

This 59,000-word short novel is written in the modern, Regency romance style for a slightly hotter read. It may not be appropriate for younger audiences.

About The Author:

Making her home in the mountains of central Pennsylvania, Bethany Sefchick is a former Emmy-award winning television producer. She lives with her husband, Ed, and a plethora of Betta fish that she’s constantly finding new ways to entertain. In addition to writing, Bethany owns a jewelry company, Easily Distracted Designs. When not penning romance novels or creating sparkly treasures, she enjoys cooking, scrapbooking, and lavishing attention on any stray cats who happen to be hanging around.

The Bold Heart

(The Highland Heather and Hearts Scottish Romance Series Book 4)

by Carmen Caine

#1 Scottish Historical Romance
Digital List Price: $0.99

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51PrnrLoMrL._SX327_BO1,204,203,200_The latest Scottish Historical Romance from Award-winning author Carmen Caine:

(Scotland, 1488) Ewan was a battle-weary warrior with haunted dreams. He no longer believed in love.
As Scotland’s greatest warrior and heir to the earldom of Mull, few dared to cross swords with Ewan MacLean. But the price he paid for his fearsome reputation was a heavy one. To survive, he buried his emotions and became only the warrior, riding from battle to battle with his men to protect Scotland from threats within and without her borders and letting himself feel nothing else.
But when his right-hand man, Alec Montgomery, is caught dallying with a powerful Lord’s daughter, a trap is set. And both Ewan and Alec find themselves in an English prison, their necks headed for the noose.

On the Isle of Skye, the raven-haired Merry MacLeod spends her days caring for the clan elderly and hurtling across the moors on the back of her black stallion. A high-spirited, adventurous lass, she is no longer troubled by childhood memories of the day the braw lad, Ewan MacLean, rescued her from her husband, the cruel MacDonald. But when she hears the very same Ewan is now confined in an English prison, she disguises herself as a lad and sets out to repay her debt.

After a bold, mysterious youth rescues Ewan and his men from the English, the group swiftly makes their way back to Scotland. But no sooner embarked on their journey home, a young Prince James sounds the call to arms, rises against his father, King James III of Scotland, and plunges Scotland into a dangerous civil war.

But as they journey to join the prince, both Ewan and Alec discover their rescuer’s secret—and both men find themselves falling unexpectedly in love with a raven-haired beauty.

The Daring Heart

(The Highland Heather and Hearts Scottish Romance Series Book 3)

by Carmen Caine

$0.99 at Amazon 

“The Daring Heart” is an IPPY Bronze Medal Winner

#1 Scottish Historical Romance


Scotland, 1482 – To the scandalous Lord Julian Gray, marriage is a malady and nothing more. 

How can a man even court a lass longer than a fortnight when there are so many pouting lips to kiss? Roaming the courts of Europe, Julian appears to spend his time drinking wine, wagering gold, and dandling willing lasses upon his knee. But no one knows the man behind the mask. No one knows that he is Le Marin—Europe’s most daring and brazen spy.

But everything changes the night he finds a dagger pressed against his ribs and an alluring hazel-eyed minx in his bed.

Born into the Vindictam, the renowned Venetian family of assassins, Liselle dreams of the day she will be allowed to practice the family craft. And when she is sent to the Scottish court, her dream is finally realized. But is it an honor … or a curse?

As the threat of civil war looms over Scotland, and the king’s own brother conspires with the English to put himself on the Scottish throne, Julian can’t help but be distracted by the mysterious Venetian beauty and her many secrets.

But will it be his undoing?

The Bedeviled Heart

(The Highland Heather and Hearts Scottish Romance Series Book 2)

by Carmen Caine

$0.99 at Amazon 

“The Bedeviled Heart” is a Best Romance IPPY Silver Medal-Winning Novel!

#1 Scottish Historical Romance


Scotland, 1479 – Cameron Malcolm Stewart, Earl of Lennox, had made his peace with destiny. It was not his fate to love as other men.

Wed and widowed seven times, he had come to believe that sharing his name alone would consign a woman to an early grave. So, on the sunny spring day Cameron encounters a delightfully devious, bright-eyed lass selling charmed stones in one of Stirling’s alehouses, he tosses her a shilling, thinking only to steal a kiss. But it is a kiss that will change his life forever.

To care for her ailing father, the precocious Kate Ferguson has resorted to swindling the drunkards of Stirling. But a chance meeting with a handsome and seductively mysterious outlaw named Cameron ends with a kiss that changes the course of her destiny. But as dark times descend upon Scotland, Kate is inadvertently caught in a deadly web of court intrigue spun by the royal favorite, Thomas Cochrane. And as King James III falls prey to his fear of the Black Arts, accusations of witchcraft and treachery abound.

The fate of Scotland itself hangs in the balance, and while Cameron vows to defy destiny itself to hold Kate forever in his arms, he must unravel the plots of nobles and commoners alike to protect the country that he loves.

About The Author:

Like many of us on this planet, Bestselling and Award-Winning author Carmen Caine is from another world. She spends every moment she can scribbling stories on sticky notes that her kids find posted all over the car, house, and barn.

When she is not working as a software engineer, she is busy ferrying her kids to various appointments, writing lyrics for her husband’s songs, taking care of the dog Tigger and his heart condition, attempting to tame her three insane cats, scratching her three Nigerian Dwarf Goats behind the horns or coddling her flock of thirty bizarre chickens from around the world.

For more on Carmen Caine, please visit Carmen:
Facebook fanpage at:
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Twitter: or twitter.MadisonRomances

This edition includes excerpts from ONE MORE TIME and LOVE POTION #9.

Double Trouble

(The Coxwells, #2)

by Deborah Cooke

Digital List Price: $0.99

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Two sisters. One disaster.

First things first: I’m the bad twin. While my sister, Marcia, has the perfect family in the perfect suburb, I’ve been making my living as an Internet advice columnist and designing Web sites in my downtown loft. I always thought I had the right answer – and hair color – for any occasion. That is, until Marcia ran up loads of debt and ran out on her husband and kids, and I was left helping to pick up the pieces. Her husband, James, is a lawyer who I hate on principle alone.

But for a guy who’s just lost his job, his marriage, and his expensive toys, he’s keeping it together – and making me rethink my feelings toward him. It’s not that he’s traded in his conservative suits for sexy jeans. It’s that he’s not giving up what’s important to him, and oh baby, I’m a sucker for a guy who hangs tough.

That doesn’t mean I’m ready to step into Marcia’s designer shoes now that she’s gone AWOL.

And it doesn’t mean I’m going to fall for James’s easy charm…not again, anyhow. Besides, I’ve had a lifelong policy of not being mistaken for my twin and I’m not backing down on that one now – no matter how convenient it might be for a certain sexy (and persuasive) man…

This edition includes excerpts from ONE MORE TIME and LOVE POTION #9.

About The Author:

Deborah Cooke sold her first book, a medieval romance which was published under the pseudonym Claire Delacroix, in 1992. Since then, she has published over fifty romance novels in a wide variety of subgenres, including historical romance, paranormal romance, time travel romance, fantasy romance, contemporary romance, fantasy with romantic elements and paranormal young adult with paranormal elements. She makes her home in Canada with her husband. When she isn’t writing or reading, she can be found knitting, sewing or hunting for vintage patterns.

Deborah is currently working on a new paranormal romance series featuring dragon shifters, and a new contemporary romance series, both launching in 2016. She also writes medieval romance as Claire Delacroix and is writing the Champions of Saint Euphemia series.

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