Weekend Paranormal/Time Travel Bargains


Night Visitor


by Melanie Jackson


Digital List Price: $2.99

Currently $0.99 at Amazon

Night VisitorBeneath the crumbling turrets of Duntrune Castle, Tafaline heard the call. Many years before, the keep had been captured, betrayed. She had heard the tale; all self-respecting Scots knew of the massacre and of the brave piper who had given his life so that some of its defenders might live. But few saw his face in their sleep, his sad grey eyes touching their souls, his warm hands caressing them like a lover’s. And Tafaline was willing to wager that none had heard his sweet voice. But he had been slain so long ago. How was it possible that he now haunted her dreams? Were they true, those fairy tales that claimed a woman of MacLeod blood could save a man from even death? Was it true, that when she had touched his bones, she’d bound herself to his soul? Yes, it was Malcolm “the piper” who called to her so insistently, across the winds of night and time…and looking into her heart, Taffy knew there was naught to do but go to him.


Traveler: A Faerie Romance

(Wildside Series Book 1)

by Melanie Jackson

Digital List Price: $2.99

Currently $0.99 at Amazon


Evil forces were on the rise, and lo was part of a secret association dedicated to stopping them. Lutins were replacing society’s bigwigs and no one was safe. The only solution was to infiltrate the menace, travel beneath the Motor City into the hordes thronging Goblin Town, rendezvous with Jack Frost and uncover the plot.

The quest would lead to the monster band SEXXX and then to Horroban, the goblins’ never-before-seen king. It would force lo through labyrinths of vice; challenge every aspect of her incomplete training. And if enemies weren’t enough, her ally would imperil her heart. Arcane power was a matter of course in Goblin Town, but Jack Frost was much more than a simple sorcerer: He ruled the realms of love and death.

Yet in Jack’s hands, a little death could be a very, very good thing.

The Saint:

A Faerie Romance

(Wildside Series Book 6)

by Melanie Jackson

Digital List Price: $2.99

Currently $0.99 at Amazon

the saint


One hundred and sixty years ago Kris Kringle walked the earth spreading the message of love and peace between peoples. Then he was kidnapped and given a drug that wiped out his memory, while the goblins hijacked Christmas.OR NICE?Kris has been found. But he’s not what you think. In fact, he’s not what anybody thinks, unless they happen to know he wears Armani, drives a vintage Rolls Royce and dislikes reindeer. Even more he dislikes the fat caricature the goblins stuck him with. He’s the most powerful death fey living, who gave up mortal women because none could complete him. He’s about to reclaim Christmas. That’s why he needs Adora Navarra, a biographer. Only she—along with the help of the fey already fighting the goblin menace—can help take back his image and punish the wicked. And only she can complete him. Santa Claus is about to go to town.

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