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Lord Fool to the Rescue

by L.L. Muir

FREE at Amazon

She has an excellent escape planned…

516+Zxtk+UL__SX329_BO1,204,203,200_Lady Tempest MacIntyre has been offered, by her stepfather, as an item up for auction! But she has an excellent escape planned…if she can keep from tripping over the good intentions of the Duke of Stromburg, sometimes referred to as Lord Fool.

Lord Fool to the Rescue has at least one hero, a heroine, and an assortment of characters who may or may not be villains. The fun is in the discovery.

If you like LORD FOOL TO THE RESCUE, try one of L.L. Muirs other novels:
BONES FOR BREAD (Regency novels)
CHRISTMAS KISS (Time Travel romance)
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And for reluctant readers, WHERE TO PEE ON A PIRATE SHIP, humor for kids 10 and up.

Learn more about L.L. Muir’s works of fiction at

Marquess of Fortune:

A Lords of Fate Novel

by K.J. Jackson

$0.99 at:

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A sheltered existence ripped away.
Coddled her whole life by her father and older sister, Lily Silverton finds herself the sole standing member of her family—her father dead, her sister barely holding onto life after a gruesome attack. Desperate to save her sister from death, Lily finds a beacon of hope in the rogue man that stumbles upon her in the middle of the night.

A chance meeting deep in barren woods.
Garek Harrison has things to do—responsibilities he needs to attend to. Responsibilities that include the need for a good deal of coin. Responsibilities that have nothing to do with the odd woman he meets in the middle of the night, swinging a hammer. But those responsibilities don’t stop him from approaching her. Nor from becoming entangled in the world that threatens to harm her at every turn.

Fortunes altered.
Thrust together by fate, neither Garek or Lily can deny their mounting attraction. But when forces combine to tear them apart, fate intervenes once more and Lily and Garek must find the courage to fight their way back to each other.

The Lords of Fate series continues. Historical romance with strong women, undeniable men, and hold your breath adventure.Each is a stand-alone story, and can be read individually in any order. 

Reforming a Rake

by Suzanne Enoch


Print List Price: $7.99

You Save: $7

Deal Expires On: Feb 25, 2016

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From bestselling author Suzanne Enoch—a governess is tempted by the forbidden 51g0-lI+jLL__SX308_BO1,204,203,200_passion of a seductive earl in this blistering romance in the With This Ring series

A governess must never be alone with a man (her reputation mustn’t have even a hint of scandal). She never questions her employer’s commands (even when he’s tempting her to forsake respectability for desire?). She must never, ever fall in love with someone above her station (especially a rake—no matter how devastating his kisses may be) . . .

If it weren’t for that unfortunate incident at her last position, Alexandra Gallant wouldn’t now be forced into the employ of Lucien Balfour. The sinfully attractive earl hired her to teach his young cousin, but his seductive whispers and toe-curling kisses suggest he has something far less respectable in mind . . . And that will never happen. For although Lucien seems determined to teach her about pleasure, she has a few lessons to teach him about love!

NEW RELEASE Feb.16th, 2016

Captured by a Celtic Warrior

by Kris Kennedy, Eliza Knight, Vonda Sinclair & Jennifer Haymore

Captured by a Celtic Warrior

is available for the special price of $0.99 for one week only at:

Amazon ~ B&N ~ Kobo ~ iBooks61E-B7DPn5L__SY457_BO1,204,203,200_

Bestselling and award-winning authors bring you four never-before-published novellas of searing passions that span the ages. Four fierce warriors from Ireland and Scotland… Four heroines determined to resist them… One dagger steeped in the blood and treachery of kings.


The King’s Outlaw, by Kris Kennedy ()

1193 – Outlawed and on the run, Tadhg O’Malley has one mission: escape with the valuable dagger of Jerusalem before a brutal nobleman hunts him down. Trapped and almost cornered, his plan is simple: kidnap the innocent merchant with the long hair and complicated eyes. Igniting a raging passion is not part of the plan. Neither is falling in love. Both endanger their lives, his mission, and with it, the kingdom.

Taken by the Highlander, by Eliza Knight (My Favorite of this Collection ♥)

1306 – A week before Lady Rose Munro is to wed a neighboring laird, she is abducted on the road by a wicked and dangerously handsome stranger. Highland warrior, Malcolm Montgomery has been ordered by King Robert the Bruce to steal Rose and her son from the suspected traitor she is about to marry—gifting him with an ancient and much sought after dagger as payment. Rose shouldn’t trust her captor. Shouldn’t feel her body heat at his simple touch, or allow him to press his fervent lips to hers… Malcolm shouldn’t be seducing the woman he is sworn to protect. Shouldn’t desire her, for she’s not meant to be his… Succumbing to passion threatens them both, and falling in love is absolutely not an option.

Stolen by a Highland Rogue, by Vonda Sinclair (♥♥♥1/2)

1619 – When the infamous dagger is stolen from Highland chief, Dugald MacKerrick, he will do whatever it takes to reclaim it, even abduct the wife of the aristocratic thief, but what if his beautiful French hostage isn’t who he thinks she is? Deep in the rugged Scottish Highlands, Dugald discovers not only is his captive, Camille Bouchard, more than he expected, so is the passion raging between them, threatening everything he thought mattered to him.

Her Wicked Highlander, by Jennifer Haymore (Very Engaging and at times funny )

1816 – Maxwell White has been tasked with collecting Aila MacKerrick from her home. He has also been told to make sure the dagger is safe. With a fight on his hands he finally gets Aila to safety and they eventually settle in together to wait for the Highland Knights to capture the villain. By this point in the anthology the dagger has taken on mythic proportions – at least in some eyes – and must be protected at all costs. Max also needs and wants to keep Aila safe and that becomes rather tricky once the villain gets his hands on her. I enjoyed Aila and Max together – she was strong and assertive and no shy miss. (Highland Knights Novella)

My Review of This Title


This is a collection of stories by four different authors carrying a mutual theme of a Ruby Hilted Dagger over a span of 500 years. I enjoyed all of the books (novellas) but some more than others. That’s why I gave it an overall score of 4 stars (4.5♥♥♥♥1/2).

I have rated the stories individually at the end of each title above.

I have read all authors involved previously and again have liked what I have read.

I received a free digital ARC of this title from Eliza Knight and from Netgalley in exchange for an Honest Review. This in no way affects my opinion.


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