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The Reluctant Duke

(A Seabrook Family Saga Book 1)

by Christine Donovan

Digital List Price: $2.99

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Although this is part of a series, this book can stand alone.

51jNzKWfHZL__SX345_BO1,204,203,200_Thomas Seabrook, the penniless Duke of Wentworth, walks into White’s for night cap. He leaves no longer in need of coin. In fact, he has become a wealthy man and owner of Hamilton Whaling Industries of New Bedford, Massachusetts and guardian of a seventeen-year-old girl. Thomas travels to Boston intent of bring his ward back and marrying her off to the first eligible gentleman who requests her hand. Except the first gentleman to ask for her, is his own brother Sebastian. Thomas refuses, because bloody hell, he wants her for himself.

Emma Hamilton is not happy with her new situation. Her papa brought her up to be independent and assertive. How dare this stranger, this moody noble, dictate what she can do and not do? When she finds herself thrown into a London season, being introduced from one gentleman to another, looking for a husband, she realizes only the Duke will do. Can Emma break through the Duke’s dark, hard exterior and find the loving, caring gentleman she knows he hides from the world?

Dark Prince

by Eve Silver

Digital List Price Price: $3.99

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Expires On: Feb 19, 2016

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All books in the Dark Gothic Series are stand alone stories that can be read in any order.

Innkeeper’s daughter Jane Heatherington is sold into indentured servitude to cover her father’s debts, sold to Aidan Warrick, a man whose handsome face and form mock the rumors that skulk in his shadow, rumors that paint him a smuggler, a pirate…and worse.

On the rainswept Cornish coast, Aidan’s business is carried out in the darkest hours of moonless nights, his secrets are many, and death follows in his wake. Isolated and alone, Jane’s only companion is the man she dare not trust, the man who looks at her with heated desire that she both fears and craves.

As she finds herself ensnared in the twisted schemes carried out within the walls of Aidan’s looming estate, Jane must decide if Aidan Warrick is the dark prince of her dreams or a monster preying on the innocent…

“…darkly atmospheric gothic tale set in Cornwall…will allure readers…”—Booklist

“With her ability to create the perfect chilling atmosphere, a dark, tormented hero and an intrepid heroine, Silver rises to the ranks of Victoria Holt and Daphne du Maurier…”
—Romantic Times BOOKreviews, Winner RT Reviewers Choice Award

“…an outstanding tale about two wounded souls with so much feeling and emotion that there were times my eyes became a little misty…Eve Silver deserves praise for this complicated and moving story.”—Fresh Fiction

Eve’s gothic romances include:

A Gentleman For All Seasons

by Shana Galen, Vanessa Kelly, Kate Noble, Theresa Romain     


Print List Price: $9.99

Deal Expires On: Feb 19, 2016

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The tiny village of Hemshawe is the sort of place where nothing ever happens…until a 51aDlcK37hL__SX332_BO1,204,203,200_handsome ex-soldier and his matchmaking sister let the imposing manor house at the edge of town. The friendly Londoners shake up the staid people of Hemshawe, and villagers see each other in a new and oh-so-appealing light.

Suddenly long-sparring enemies become lovers, a town festival heralds a new start for a fallen woman and a dandy, and a man who has given up on love gets a second chance with the woman he never forgot. And the matchmaker herself? She won’t rest until she finds her own happily-ever-after…

A Madness in Spring by Kate Noble

Adam Sturridge has made Belinda Leonard’s blood boil since childhood, and the feeling is mutual. But when a would-be matchmaker arrives in the village of Hemshawe, she’d determined to erase the thin line between love and hate. Now, Belinda and Adam are faced with falling for someone they’ve always considered an enemy — can they overcome old prejudices and discover how to rub each other the right way?

The Summer of Wine and Scandal by Shana Galen

When viscount’s son and dandy Peregrine Lochley is temporarily exiled from London to the country for his misdeeds, the last thing he expects is to encounter an intriguing woman. But Caroline Martin has a secret to hide, and it just might be too scandalous for even this debauched rogue.

Those Autumn Nights by Theresa Romain

Ten years ago, wealthy Eliza Greenleaf broke lowly soldier Bertram Gage’s heart—but the last decade brought changes in fortune to them both. Now that he’s made his mark on the world, a twist of fate brings the Greenleaf family under his power. Will this war-hardened officer triumph over his former lover…or will Bertie and Eliza give love a second chance?

The Season for Loving by Vanessa Kelly

Miss Georgie Gage, matchmaker extraordinaire, is resigned to life as a spinster—almost. When notoriously aloof bachelor Fergus Haddon arrives from Scotland to spend Christmas with the Gage family, Georgie thinks she’s finally found her own perfect match—if, that is, she can get the handsome Highlander to agree!

Highland Seduction

Boxed Set

by Multiple Authors

Over 1000 pages of Scottish romances from your favorite authors.

$0.99 Only at Amazon

61g6HMzt3uL__SY398_BO1,204,203,200_THE KINDLING HEART by Carmen Caine
Ruan MacLeod returns to Skye, seeking peace. He never meant to split the clan or start a war. He certainly never foresaw an arranged marriage to the most scandalous woman in Scotland. However, on his wedding day, he encounters a walking disaster. His bride turns his world into chaos and threatens to melt his resolve never to love again.

How does a woman tell her betrothed she murdered her first husband?
Elise Kingston is a wanted woman. Nothing, not even Highlander Marcus MacGregor, will stop her from returning home to ensure that the man responsible for her daughter’s death hangs.
Until she must choose between his life and her revenge.

Driven to the brink of madness by love for her late husband, a man too ill to meet the demands of the marriage bed, Catriona, Lady Blayne, teeters on the brink of scandal. Now she faces sensual temptation personified, James Blayne. His iron will and stern self-mastery fascinates her. Is sensual indulgence the way out of her darkness? She’s not free to explore the idea. Those she trusts control her through emotional manipulation and physical coercion. James is determined to protect Catriona—even if she rejected his proposal years ago. But he won’t soften to her. Yet the pretty girl he once knew has grown into a beautiful, curvaceous woman that is every man’s dream.
Especially his.

They met through Highland Magic, can true love keep them together?
After stepping through a magical gateway, Kira Bedwell finds herself in fourteenth century Scotland, face-to-face with Aidan MacDonald, the irresistible Highlander who has visited her in dreams. As their romance transcends to reality, it takes all their courage and will for their love to survive beyond time itself…

Returning home after a ten-years, Ryan Macraig falls for a fiery lass from the wrong side of the firth.
Memories of the young man she once met on Macraig land draws Gilda Macrory to the forbidden place. Learning he is Laird Macraig’s son threatens her dreams, for her father will never agree to their marriage. With pirates raiding the coast, bad blood between the Macraig and Macrory clans could cost Ryan and Gilda their love—and their lives.

In the midst of a Norse invasion, Catriona barely escapes. Masquerading as her sister, she finds herself a captive of Finn who intends to send her to her sister’s betrothed. In the interest of peace, Catriona intends to continue the ruse—even if it means denying her attraction to a man who hides his hurts behind a quick grin.
The green faery, Tèile, intends for Catriona and Finn to be together. Can she help Finn— who learned that sharing your life with someone only leads to heartache—get past his doubts? And will battle-scarred Catriona accept him into her heart?

Lilian Mason wants revenge. She sneaks aboard the Dutch pirate ship, captained by her mortal enemy. But when she is unwrapped by a bewitching Highlander instead of a giant blond privateer, Lilian fears her plan has gone awry. If she waits to exact revenge, she risks losing her heart to the man closest to her enemy… an unexpected Pirate Highlander.

The three Macinnes sisters’ love is tested when the eldest is abducted. Emma races to Rogan MacClennan, Heather’s intended, but is shocked by his refusal to rescue her. His excuse is the raging storm. Emma, however, sneaks off in search of her sister.
Rogan cannot believe the youngest Macinnes sister called him a coward, then sneaked off in nothing more than her nightdress. He will find her, send her home—then rescue his intended.


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