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The Wicked Wallflower

(Wallflower Trilogy Book 1)

by Maya Rodale

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Maya Rodale’s captivating new series introduces London’s Least Likely—three wallflowers who are about to become the toast of the ton . . .

51f-ta0HHiL__SX308_BO1,204,203,200_Lady Emma Avery has accidentally announced her engagement—to the most eligible man in England. As soon as it’s discovered that Emma has never actually met the infamously attractive Duke of Ashbrooke, she’ll no longer be a wallflower; she’ll be a laughingstock. And then Ashbrooke does something Emma never expected. He plays along with her charade.

A temporary betrothal to the irreproachable Lady Avery could be just the thing to repair Ashbrooke’s tattered reputation. Seducing her is simply a bonus. And then Emma does what he never expected: she refuses his advances. It’s unprecedented. Inconceivable. Quite damnably alluring.

London’s Least Likely to Misbehave has aroused the curiosity—among other things—of London’s most notorious rogue. Now nothing will suffice but to uncover Emma’s wanton side and prove there’s nothing so satisfying as two perfect strangers . . . being perfectly scandalous together.

An Unlikely Duchess

(Ranford Series Book 1)

by Nadine Millard

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Edward Crawdon, Duke of Hartridge is being forced by his slightly overbearing, but loving mother to spend time with her old friends at their estate in Ireland. He is not aware but a contract exists between the two families that states Edward must marry their eldest daughter. On the day of his arrival Edward, who is yet to be made aware of the contract, meets Lady Rebecca, Caroline’s younger sister under very unusual circumstances. Edward cannot stop thinking about Lady Rebecca but she is completely unsuited to being a duchess. However, she becomes rather a toast of the Ton and Edward realises that he cannot stand idly by and watch Rebecca marry someone else. He cannot marry her but does not want her to marry anyone else! Ultimately, Edward must decide; will he admit his true feelings for Rebecca? Will he defy his responsibilities and duties, his idea of a “proper” duchess and follow his heart?

Time Travel Romance Boxed Set

by Claire Delacroix, Claire Cross, Deborah Cooke

Digital List Price: $9.99

February Sale Price: $0.99 at Amazon

This digital boxed set includes four time travel romances and romantic comedies.

In Once Upon a Kiss, a practical businessman discovers a sleeping beauty on his newly acquired 61zr4mj75AL__SX373_BO1,204,203,200_Scottish property: not only does Aurelia complicate the renovation of Baird’s newest boutique hotel, but she thaws his heart and threatens to claim it forever.

In The Last Highlander, an illustrator’s research trip to Scotland takes a turn for romance when a handsome rogue of a 13th century Highlander insists that only she can send him home again and vows to whatever is necessary to win her favor. Soon Morgan finds herself torn between helping Alasdair and wanting to keep him forever.

In The Moonstone, a medieval knight allows a pretty condemned witch to make one last wish, never imagining that her sorcery will work. She drops her magical charm, and as a man of honor, he can only pursue her and ensure justice, wherever she has fled. But when Niall finds Vivian in a world filled with possibilities and passion, will he be able to resist the temptation to stay?

In Love Potion #9, a divorced father getting his life on track again finds intriguing complication with his beautiful and passionate new neighbor, a fortuneteller convinced they have a second chance at destined love. Mitch soon wishes that Lilith is right, but then her reincarnated lover really returns.

Four magical stories of love conquering the barrier of time!


Only Way To Tame A Rake

(Duke Military Secret Baby Romance)

(19th Century Victorian Romance Short Stories)

by Cassandra Michaels

Digital List Price: $2.99

Currently FREE at Amazon

Warning: Contains HOT Historical Regency Scenes that don’t leave much to the imagination! A surprise bonus is also included inside for a limited time!

51d-MMyfFML__SX331_BO1,204,203,200_Gregory has a bad reputation. It’s a reputation that surpasses him and ensures that all respected daughters are kept locked up after dark.

He’s the town rake, and he’s actually kind of proud of it.

His father isn’t happy, though, having spent too long building up his reputation as the town’s banker to lose it over Gregory’s poor choices.

When Gregory finally steps over the line his father decides to take matters into his own hands. He arranges a marriage for his son with a girl, who has a reputation just like his, but Gregory is stubborn. It doesn’t matter that she’s perfect for him, because he won’t marry her on principle.

At least that’s what he thinks, until a day out riding changes everything. Gregory has already slept with another girl…..and the secret is right at the tip of someone’s tongue.



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