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Heaven’s Fire

(Lords of Conquest Book 2)

by Patricia Ryan

Digital List Price: $2.99

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51ndM6JGa8L__SX310_BO1,204,203,200_Rainulf Fairfax—priest, Oxford scholar, and ex-soldier—is summoned to give last rites to a village rector who died of smallpox, and discovers Father Osred’s lovely young housekeeper, Constance, near death from the same disease. With Rainulf’s help, she recovers, only to find herself at the mercy of the village’s brutal overlord, who means to make her his unwilling mistress. Disguised as a male, she escapes to Oxford in search of Rainulf, who offers her the protection of his home. Inexorably drawn to each other, the celibate Rainulf and the beautiful and vibrant Constance find themselves swept into a firestorm of forbidden passion.

Originally published by NAL

“With Heaven’s Fire, Patricia Ryan establishes herself as a major voice in the medieval romance genre. For originality, drama and passion, Heaven’s Fire can’t be beat.” Romantic Times

“In the tradition established by her fabulous Falcon’s Fire, Patricia Ryan continues to write some of the best medieval romance today. Fans of this genre will find Heaven’s Fire is pure reading nirvana.” Affaire de Coeur

“A marvelous medieval romance from an incredibly gifted author! A fascinating glimpse of the past as only Patricia Ryan can tell it!” The Literary Times

“Lusty and exhilarating, this is medieval romance at its best. Heaven’s Fire is a splendid tale, and Patricia Ryan is a writer to watch.” Patricia Gaffney

“An intense tale of deception, religion, murder, and romance materializes in this graphic, well written historical romance. A dramatic tie-in to Falcon’s Fire, this book integrates old and new characters to create a unique love story you will not soon forget. Don’t miss these compelling books.” Rendezvous

“A heartwarming, scholarly tale of love, trust and sweet revenge.” Romance Forever

About the Author:

Patricia Ryan is the USA Today bestselling author of more than two dozen romances and mysteries, including the #1 national bestseller Still Life With Murder. Her novels have garnered rave reviews and been published in over twenty countries. A RITA® winner (for Silken Threads) and four-time nominee, she is also the recipient of two Romantic Times Awards and a Mary Higgins Clark Award nomination for the second book of her historical mystery series featuring Boston governess Nell Sweeney, which she wrote under the name P.B. Ryan.

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Seduction of a Highland Lass

(The McCabe Trilogy Book 2)

by Maya Banks

E-Book: $1.99

Available at: Amazon ~ B&N ~ iBooks ~ Kobo51NxnAcX2RL__SX304_BO1,204,203,200_

Maya Banks, the New York Times bestselling author of romance and romantic suspense has captivated readers with her steamy Scottish historical novels, perfect for fans of Julie Garwood. In Seduction of a Highland Lass, an indomitable Highland warrior is caught between loyalty and forbidden love.

From the Paperback edition:

Fiercely loyal to his elder brother, Alaric McCabe leads his clan in the fight for their birthright. Now he is prepared to wed for duty, as well. But on his way to claim the hand of Rionna McDonald, daughter of a neighboring chieftain, he is ambushed and left for dead. Miraculously, his life is saved by the soft touch of a Highland angel, a courageous beauty who will put to the test his fealty to his clan, his honor, and his deepest desires.

An outcast from her own clan, Keeley McDonald was betrayed by those she loved and trusted. When the wounded warrior falls from his horse, she is drawn to his strong, lean body. The wicked glint in his green eyes ignites a passion that will follow them back to Alaric’s keep, where their forbidden love draws them deeper into the pleasures of the flesh. But as conspiracy and danger circle closer, Alaric must make an impossible choice: Will he betray his blood ties for the woman he loves?


(Secrets of the Loch Book 1)

by Candace Camp

E-Book $1.99

Available at:

Bookshout ~ Amazon ~ iBooks ~ B&N

Love is in the cards for a young Scottish heiress in the first book of a delicious new516MIxXO2KL__SX304_BO1,204,203,200_ trilogy of historical romances, Secrets of the Loch, from New York Times bestselling author Candace Camp.

A family legend of hidden treasure mingles with the mist over the shores of Loch Baille… But it’s not the cache of gold dating back to Culloden that Jack Kensington claims when he arrives in the Highlands; it’s the house he won in a London card game from a luckless Scotsman.

Stunned to learn that her wastrel brother wagered their family estate, Isobel Rose must find a way to save her home and the people she loves…even if it means accepting a loveless marriage. Or perhaps not so loveless? Isobel unlocks the secrets of desire in the arms of the mysterious and handsome Englishman, but a series of “accidents” makes her fear that she will soon be a widow instead of a wife. As their hunt for lost riches turns into the search for a killer, Isobel fights her attraction to the man who stole her birthright…but can Jack convince Isobel that he can provide a home for her heart, and a love to treasure?


Romantic Beginnings

A Multi-Genre collection of First in Series Novels

by Multiple Authors

 Kathryn Le Veque (Goodreads Author), Eliza Knight (Goodreads Author), Barbara Devlin (Goodreads Author), Catherine Kean (Goodreads Author), Amanda Mariel (Goodreads Author), Anna Markland (Goodreads Author), Victoria Vane (Goodreads Author), Elizabeth Rose (Goodreads Author) , Lana Williams (Goodreads Author)

$0.99 at Amazon



Welcome to ROMANTIC BEGINNINGS, one of the first bundles of its kind with MULTIPLE genres of romantic ‘firsts’ – the first book in a series. Looking for a wide range of romance to devour? Enjoy this spectacular collection that includes Medieval England, Highlander, Regency, and even Contemporary romance. This one of a kind bundle has some of romance’s best authors, in any genre – sexy, exciting, and passionate, this bundle includes:

DRAGONBLADE by Kathryn Le Veque: Edward I’s bastard son and the daughter of an ally find love amidst the struggles for the throne.

A LADY’S CHARADE by Eliza Knight: A Scottish lady tries to hide her identity from the English lord who besieged her castle.

ENTER THE BRETHREN by Barbara Devlin: Fate brings them together in a dimly lit cabin, where he is seeking revenge, and she is taking a bath.

A KNIGHT’S VENGEANCE by Catherine Kean: A lady is held for ransom by a rogue knight. Through their forbidden love, they uncover perilous secrets.

SCANDALOUS ENDEAVORS by Amanda Mariel: Lady Amelia is willing to create a scandal to stay in her beloved England, but will she abandon her endeavor for love once a Scottish duke ignites her passion?

THE ROVER BOLD by Anna Markland: He came for plunder; she stole his heart.

DOUBTING THOMAS by Elizabeth Rose: Accused of murdering his wife and being a bad father to his six young boys, Thomas Taylor prays for an angel and ends up with CPS worker Angel DeMitri at his door instead.

A WILD NIGHT’S BRIDE by VICTORIA VANE (Book #1 in the award-winning Devil Devere series ): When the devil plays cupid… there could be hell to pay! Hijinks and passion abound in this sexy, rollicking Georgian romp.

UNRAVELING SECRETS by Lana Williams: When the past returns to haunt her, only one man can save her.

Can’t get enough? Since these novels are FIRST IN SERIES, make sure to check out the authors’ Amazon pages and find the rest of their series!

Happy Reading!

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