And No I’m Not A Clemson Fan

ClemsonAlabama-NCAA2016Congratulations To The Clemson Tigers on Their “So Far” Undefeated Season. It hasn’t been without the usual bumps and bruises, but their regular season end found them at 13-0. On New Year’s Eve they won #14 in the Orange Bowl against the favored Oklahoma Sooners, in the first round of the playoffs. Now They will face the Alabama Crimson Tide for the title game. Good Luck Tigers!! Even though you finished your season as #1 you are still the underdog in this title game.

When my Father was living he worked at Clemson Printers which was located across from Littlejohn Coliseum on the Clemson Campus. I have Friends and Family that are Clemson Fans, but my University of choice would have been Georgia(#1) or The University of South Carolina (#2). Both have really good Art programs and since that was my area of interest I would have attended one or the other if my college credits would have transferred  to either one.

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