Additional Title For Hump Day


Previously Published as part of the

Scrolls of Cridhe Anthology

Now Available as a Single Title

Highland Awakening

by Kathryn Lynn Davis

Kindle Price: $0.99

Now Available at Amazon

51qWslxkuZL._SX331_BO1,204,203,200_Can the transforming power of magic help two people on a perilous journey create a miracle—even when one of them doesn’t believe?

Since she lost her brother and nearly her father, Esmé Rose fears the world beyond her family and her garden. But one year when winter clings overlong, a dream begins to haunt her, forcing her to take a journey and face a challenge more difficult than she could ever imagine.

Magnus MacLeod is a skilled healer, always curious to know more. He, too, is called by a dream he doesn’t quite believe in, despite its physical effects on him. He and Esmé travel a treacherous road that takes them to a magical place. There they must put aside their feelings for one another—and their difference in beliefs—long enough to make a miracle.

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