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Trust in Me

(Vengeance Trilogy Book 2)

By Lana Williams

Digital List price:$3.99


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51HBbmj0GwL__SX331_BO1,204,203,200_Medieval Romance. England, 1268.
When his brother is abandoned near death at the gate of his keep, Lord Nicholas de Bremont seeks revenge against those he believes guilty: Lord Crefton and his treacherous daughter, Elizabeth. But the old lord is too feeble for Nicholas to fight. Desperate to protect her father, Lady Elizabeth offers to take his place, but as Nicholas’s wife.
Nicholas vowed never to have a family and risk passing his cursed second sight on to a child, yet how else can he make Crefton suffer but to take away his only daughter? Determined to make Elizabeth pay for her part in his brother’s injuries, he adds a punishing stipulation to her offer–he refuses to bed her, dashing her dream of a family.
As they feign a true marriage, Elizabeth tries to guard her heart from the angry lord who appears to despise her, yet his small acts of kindness crumble her defenses. Nicholas attempts to keep his distance from the beautiful lady, terrified Elizabeth will unveil his dark secret, but is tempted every moment he’s with her. When his visions divulge a villain who intends her harm, Nicholas must choose whether to accept her trust and love, or keep his secret and claim vengeance.

Silver Storm

(Rakes & Rebels Book 1)

by Cynthia Wright

Digital List Price:$4.99


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“This is my ALL-TIME favorite historical romance. I’ve read hundreds upon hundreds of them and it simply doesn’t get any better than SILVER STORM.” ~ PAST ROMANCE, Historical Romance Reviews

~ Dashing and dangerous Andre Raveneau is the Revolutionary War’s most reckless privateer captain when Devon Lindsay stows away aboard his ship after her Connecticut town has been burned by the British. Raveneau cynically agrees to deliver her to her childhood sweetheart in Virginia but doesn’t count on his own potent attraction to the enchanting, courageous Devon.

Can Raveneau stand by and watch her marry another man? What shocking tactics might he employ to provent it?

Through high adventure, swashbuckling sea battles, and the colorful history of America’s revolution, the couple struggles against the fiery passion that binds them together.

SILVER STORM is on keeper shelves worldwide. The story of Andre and Devon and their twisting path to true love is one you will want to read over and over!

“Rakes & Rebels” combines the intertwining Raveneau and Beauvisage family novels into one captivating 10-book series!
0 – HEART OF FRAGILE STARS: a novella (Jean-Philippe & Antonia)
1 – SILVER STORM (Andre & Devon)
2 – CAROLINE (Alec & Caro)
3 – TOUCH THE SUN (Lion & Meagan)
4 – SPRING FIRES (Nicholai & Lisette)
5 – SMUGGLER’S MOON (Sebastian & Julia)
6 – SURRENDER THE STARS (Ryan & Lindsay)
8 – HIS RECKLESS BARGAIN (Nathan & Adrienne)
9 – TEMPEST (Adam & Cathy)

Magnificent Medieval Knights

Boxed Set

by Kathryn Le Veque, Laurel O’Donnell, Anna Markland & Catherine Kean


09/13/2015 – 10/31/2015
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Four of your favorite English Medieval Romance authors come together again for another fabulous collection in 616K5q3so0L__SY496_BO1,204,203,200_MAGNIFICENT MEDIEVAL KNIGHTS. Venture back to the days of chivalry and romance, of passion and adventure, in four great Medieval tales now available for a limited time at a spectacular price.

USA Today Bestselling author Kathryn Le Veque: The Whispering Night
HE is an agent for William Marshal. SHE is the daughter of an enemy. He is ordered to marry her as part of his spy mission but when he ends up falling in love with her, the tables turn against him and the hunter becomes the hunted.

Bestselling Author Laurel O’Donnell: My Noble Knight
A LADY longs to try her skills by competing in the joust. A noble KNIGHT is sworn to the traditional ways of chivalry and to uphold the rules of the joust. Can they work together to discover who is trying to sabotage him while keeping their growing attraction secret?

Bestselling Author Anna Markland: Haunted Knights
Adam de Montbryce must come to terms with devastating losses that may cost him his birthright. Dare he trust the woman he loves with his terrible secret? His half brother, Denis de Sancerre, the dwarf who appears in many of Ms. Markland’s previous books, is determined to stand by his beleaguered brother. Can he find love in a cruel medieval world? He has never risked his heart before.

Bestselling Author Catherine Kean: A Knight’s Seduction
A ROGUE LORD takes an INNOCENT LADY hostage in a siege. He plans to seduce her, but soon finds he’s the one seduced, for she brings light to his dark, tormented soul. As battle draws near, and he’s at risk of losing her, he must confront his greatest torment—and his destiny changes forever.

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