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Linna :

Historical Romance

(The Brocade Collection Book 5)

by Jackie Ivie


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A life ruled by vengeance.

A game called deception.

A world where the heartless triumph.

Western Caribbean 1811

Sent to hell with his future stolen, sixteen-year-old Cord had few choices – none of them pretty. Years of slaving for the British Navy honed his frame. The strong survive, so he got strong. The most brutal prosper…he gained brutality. Only the truly heartless win. And he wasn’t losing. He had one goal – revenge. Turning mutineer and pirate was another choice. An easy one. The career change gained him a price on his head, but it also brought freedom, and that gave him the means.

Cord will do anything to get revenge. Anything. When the pirate captain offers pay for seducing and then ruining an innocent, it sounds too easy.

Linna Daniels is a society darling. Rich. Spoiled. Beautiful. Pursued by all the eligible bachelors. Her cold demeanor only sharpens desire. But then her father’s actions change everything. Overnight she’s outcast. Locked in scandal she didn’t create. Her marital prospects ruined. Her life at a standstill.

Linna is not taking this without a fight. She needs an escape. A husband. A dupe. She doesn’t care who – or what – he is. She’s known as cold and heartless. It’s time to prove it.

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