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From Mary Jo Putney

Two of Her Bestselling Historical Romance Novels

Books 1 & 2 of The Lost Lords Series

$1.99 each at Amazon

Digital List Price: $6.99 each

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 Loving a Lost Lord

(The Lost Lords series Book 1)

Make Sure You Check Pricing before Buying. All Prices are Subject to Change!!!

51eajI3fxjL__SX308_BO1,204,203,200_In the first of a dazzling series, Mary Jo Putney introduces the Lost Lords–maverick childhood friends with a flair for defying convention. Each is about to discover the woman who is his perfect match–but perfection doesn’t come easily, even for the noble Duke of Ashton. . .

Battered by the sea, Adam remembers nothing of his past, his ducal rank, nor of the shipwreck that almost claimed his life. However, he’s delighted to hear that the golden-haired vision tending his wounds is his wife. Mariah’s name and face may not be familiar, but her touch, her warmth, feel deliciously right. . .

When Mariah Clarke prayed for a way to deter a bullying suitor, she didn’t imagine she’d find the answer washed ashore on a desolate beach. Convincing Adam that he is her husband is surprisingly easy. Resisting the temptation to act his wife, in every way, will prove anything but. And now a passion begun in fantasy has become dangerously real–and completely irresistible. . .

“Intoxicating, romantic and utterly ravishing. . .” –Eloisa James

“Gentle humor, exotic elements, compelling, flawless prose, and irresistible characters caught in a sweet, sensual dilemma will leave readers smiling, breathless, and anxiously awaiting the next adventure in Putney’s new “Lost Lords” series. Readers. . .are in for a rare treat; fortunately, there are more delicacies to come! Putney writes some of the most sensitive, exquisite historicals in the field.” —Library Journal (starred review)

“The enchanting first Lost Lords novel confirms bestseller Putney as a major force in historical romance. . . Entrancing characters and a superb plot line catapult this tale into stand-alone status.” —Publishers Weekly (starred review)

“If you loved the Fallen Angels, you’ll adore the Lost Lords: men who formed unbreakable bonds while at a school for boys of “good birth and bad behavior.” Only the incomparable Putney could bring them to life and have readers yearning to be close to such dynamic heroes and the women who tame them.” —Romantic Times (4 ½ stars)

Never Less Than A Lady

(The Lost Lords series Book 2)

Make Sure You Check Pricing before Buying. All Prices are Subject to Change!!!

New York Times bestselling author Mary Jo Putney continues her stunning Lost Lords series with this stirring, sensual story of 51vLSfYdbBL__SX308_BO1,204,203,200_a rebellious nobleman drawn to a lovely widow with a shocking past.

As the sole remaining heir to the Earl of Daventry, Alexander Randall knows his duty: find a wife and sire a son of his own. The perfect bride for a man in his position would be a biddable young girl of good breeding. But the woman who haunts his imagination is Julia Bancroft–a village midwife with a dark secret that thrusts her into Randall’s protection.

Within the space of a day, Julia has been abducted by her first husband’s cronies, rescued, and proposed to by a man she scarcely knows. Stranger still is her urge to say yes. A union with Alexander Randall could benefit them both, but Julia doubts she can ever trust her heart again, or the fervent desire Randall ignites. Yet perhaps only a Lost Lord can show a woman like Julia everything a true marriage can be. . .

Praise for Loving a Lost Lord

“Intoxicating, romantic and utterly ravishing. . .” –Eloisa James

“Entrancing characters and a superb plotline. . .” —Publishers Weekly, starred review

“Will leave readers smiling, breathless, and anxiously awaiting the next adventure. . .” —Library Journal, starred review

Two E-Books From Tracy Goodwin

(Click Photos For Buy Links)

Dance with Deception:

99¢ at Amazon

Print List Price: $15.99

Scandalous Secrets, Book 1 – Exclusive Edition

 Make Sure You Check Pricing before Buying. All Prices are Subject to Change!!!

Dance with Deception – Scandalous Secrets, Book 1 – Exclusive Enhanced Edition

51mnOan9yKL__SX328_BO1,204,203,200_Haunted by his father’s sins, Sebastian Montgomery, ninth Duke of Davenport vows never to fall in love or marry until he encounters Gwendolyn MacAlistair and she consumes his thoughts. Sebastian wants her, and as he learned from his father, what a duke wants, a duke takes.

Gwen’s father has arranged for her to marry a man she despises, the very man who shattered her fragile family. As she struggles with a desperate choice – honor her dying father’s final request or alienate him by choosing her true love – Sebastian is forced to make his own desperate decision: trick Gwen Into marriage or lose her forever.

Sebastian and Gwen must confront the consequences of their actions and secrets so scandalous that they threaten to destroy all they hold dear.

In this dangerous dance with deception, who will die for love?

Reviews For Dance of Deception: 

“Dance with Deception expertly blends romance, danger and lush sensuality in one brilliant novel.”
“Tracy Goodwin is a promising new voice in historical romance.” -BARBARA DAWSON SMITH, NEW YORK TIMES BESTSELLING AUTHOR
“Dance with Deception is a riveting story from beginning to end … the depth of emotions expressed will touch the heart and have readers cheering this couple on. This was a highly satisfying read and it is a definite page-turner!!!”
“Dance with Deception is a lush and endearing romance – as touchingly romantic as anything I have read recently.”
“Tracy Goodwin is a fresh new voice in historical romance. In Dance with Deception, Ms. Goodwin has penned an engaging tale of true love overcoming lies and duplicity. Sebastian and Gwen must work through numerous obstacles to reach their well-deserved happy ending. The reader will find herself cheering them along on their journey.”

Awards for Dance with Deception:

-2nd place winner of the Anne Bonney Readers
Choice Award for Favorite Hero
-3rd Place Winner for the Anne Bonney Readers
Choice Award for the Most Emotional category
-2nd place winner of the Judge a Book By Its
Cover Contest
-Finalist in the LASR Best Long Print Romance

and the Recently Released

Enticing Eve:

Scandalous Secrets, Book 2

FREE at Amazon

Digital List Price: $1.99

Print List price: $14.99

Make Sure You Check Pricing before Buying. All Prices are Subject to Change!!!

Book 2 in the #1 Bestselling Scandalous Secrets series 

Colin MacAlistair understands that the worst nightmares are conjured from truth. He is living proof of it. After learning a 51rPNR4SqnL__SX331_BO1,204,203,200_disturbing family secret, he flees England with one goal in mind: amass enough wealth to prove himself worthy of his beloved’s devotion. Over the course of three long and bitter years, Colin indeed amassed a small fortune but his success came at a steep price … his soul.

Eve Weston’s faith in Colin was shattered by his disappearance and her life turned upside down by the horrific events that followed. She survives, becoming strong, independent … and betrothed. When Colin returns at last, Eve is determined to remind him of what he so callously discarded by forsaking her and ensure he will regret it until his dying day.

However, in this battle of wills, neither can deny the powerful passion between them. As their attraction grows, so does Colin’s intent to discover Eve’s true feelings for him. Duty be damned, time has taught Colin to be ruthless and to fight for what he wants at all costs. Through his years in hell, he has become a master of it and there is much to hide.

Danger looms as Colin and Eve face their feelings for one another.

Will their love survive the evil that seeks to destroy them?

Two E-Books for 99¢ Each

99¢ E-book Sale

The Wicked Lady:

The Ladies Series (Book 3)

by Brenda Jernigan

Buy This Book at: Amazon ~ B&N ~ iBooks

Make Sure You Check Pricing before Buying. All Prices are Subject to Change!!!

51+UwamWe8L__SX329_BO1,204,203,200_The Thief

When Trevor Claremont was blind-sided by a pickpocket on the docks beside his clipper ship, he tracked down the culprit–only to face a feisty, emerald-eyed beauty who stirred his hungriest desires. Seeing a solution to his pressing problem of finding a bride to please his dying grandmother, he offered her a deal: marriage to him…or prison, never imaging that this little cut-purse would also steal his heart.

The Sea Captain

Kristen Johnstone realized she’d been outfoxed by this handsome Englishman and reluctantly agreed to a marriage in name only. Soon, she traded rags for resplendent gowns, black alleys for drawing rooms, and fury for fiery passion in the arms of her new husband. But when the scandalous secrets of her past came to light, she would risk everything, including her heart to save a love more precious than gold.


Finding Gabriel

by Rachel L. Demeter

Was: $4.05   Right Now:99¢ at Amazon!


During the chaotic ending of the Napoleonic Wars, two tortured souls struggle to overcome adversity and find hope in the wreckage of their pasts. Equal parts steamy and heartfelt, FINDING GABRIEL is an evocative journey through darkness and light, loss and hope, searing passion and relentless love.

Colonel Gabriel de Laurent departed for the war intending to die.

After a decade of bloodstained battlegrounds while fighting in Napoleon’s army, Gabriel returns to the streets of Paris a shattered and haunted soul. Plagued by inner demons, he swallows the barrel of his flintlock pistol and pulls the trigger.

But fate has a different plan.

Ariah Larochelle is a survivor. Orphaned at twelve and victim to a devastating crime, she has learned to keep her back to walls and to trust no one. But when she finds a gravely injured soldier washed up on the River Seine, she’s moved by compassion. In spite of her reservations, she rescues him from the icy water and brings him into her home.

Now scarred inside and out, Gabriel discovers a kindred spirit in Ariah – and feelings he imagined lost forever reawaken as he observes her strength in the face of adversity. But when Ariah’s own lethal secrets unfold, their new love is threatened by ancient ghosts. Can Gabriel and Ariah find hope in the wreckage of their pasts – or will the cycle of history repeat again?

Perfect for fans of Gaelen Foley’s Lord of Ice and Judith James’s Broken Wing, Finding Gabriel features all the dark romance, searing passion, and historical intrigue of The Phantom of the Opera and Les Misérables.

Make Sure You Check Pricing before Buying. All Prices are Subject to Change!!!

Two 99¢ Anthologies/Boxed Sets

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Medieval Romantic Redemptions


Kathryn Le Veque – Amazon All Star Author
Emma Prince – Amazon All Star Author
Sarah Woodbury – Bestselling Author
Elizabeth Rose – Bestselling Author

Four of Medieval Historical Romances favorite authors are now together in one amazing collection. From the fields618Akr1GTEL__SY493_BO1,204,203,200_ of England to the borders of Scotland and finally to the mountains of Wales, the Medieval Romantic Redemptions collection contains the stories of flawed and sometimes dark heroes and the women who redeem them. The tales are stunning, passionate, and most of all, bring hope in even the darkest times.

This is a limited edition collection at a spectacular price.

The Dark Lord by Kathryn Le Veque – The most feared knight in England is on a rampage until he meets the lady who will tame his brutal ways.

Highlander’s Ransom by Emma Prince – A lady on her way to be married is kidnapped by her fiance’s worst enemy. Can she resist her rogue captor’s charms?

The Last Pendragon  by Sarah Woodbury – The heir of King Arthur must become both king and hero, and the daughter of his enemy must decide if she will risk all to follow her heart… and him.

Onyx- Book One, MadMan MacKeefe – When an Englishwoman comes to Scotland to find her father’s murderer, she is taken captive by a handsome but feared madman.

About the Authors:
Kathryn Le Veque – Amazon All Star Author
Emma Prince – Amazon All Star Author
Sarah Woodbury – Bestselling Author
Elizabeth Rose – Bestselling Author

Make Sure You Check Pricing before Buying. All Prices are Subject to Change!!!

Timeless Tales of Honor

Authors: Suzan Tisdale, Kathryn Le Veque, and Christi Caldwell

Welcome to the Timeless Tales of Honor collection, a multi-genre collection of unforgettable heroes and fiery heroines brought to you by three of the top authors in historical romance – USA Today bestselling authors Suzan Tisdale, Kathryn Le Veque, and Christi Caldwell. In this collection, you will find:

51CdVw-uZbL__SX331_BO1,204,203,200_Laiden’s Daughter by Suzan Tisdale – She’s everything he never knew he wanted in a woman … and this Highlander will do everything he must to keep her out of the hands of the English.

Great Protector by Kathryn Le Veque – A powerful knight and his beautiful ward find unexpected love amid the Glyndower wars in Wales.

A Season of Hope by Christi Caldwell – With her love lost in the Napoleonic wars, she thought all hope of happiness was gone … until her fragile heart was given a second chance.

Enjoy this unique and passionate collection for a limited time only!

Make Sure You Check Pricing before Buying. All Prices are Subject to Change!!!

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