Monday Madness All Historical Romance Freebies Day!!


( A Madcap Regency Romance )

(The Fairweather Sisters Book 1)

by Anya Wylde


Previously $0.99

LAST DAY August 17, 2015
Category: Historical Romance



Leaving behind the rural charms of Finnshire, Miss Penelope Fairweather arrives in London with hope in her heart and a dream in her eye. The dowager, no less, has invited her for a season in London, where she will attempt to catch a husband.

Thus begins our heroine’s tale as she attempts to tackle the London season with all her rustic finesse. Unfortunately her rustic finesse turns out to be as delicate as a fat bear trying to rip apart a honeycomb infested with buzzing bees.

What follows is a series of misadventures, love affairs, moonlit balls, fancy clothes, fake moustaches, highwaymen, sneering beauties, pickpockets, and the wrath of a devilishly handsome duke.

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Midnight Waltz


(Louisiana Plantation Collection)

by Jennifer Blake


Previously $3.99 at Amazon

Through August 19, 2015
Category: Historical Romance

He came to her in the dark of the moon…

Arranged marriages are common among Louisiana’s aristocratic Creoles, but Amalie’s new husband shows little interest in his bride. That is, until his handsome cousin Robert arrives at Bonheur Plantation. How can the man she married remain so cool and aloof during the day, while approaching her with such tender passion at midnight?

Robert declines the outrageous favor asked of him — yet some sins are impossible to resist…

As mystery, deception and murderous danger stalk the sultry land, Amalie and Robert must choose between love and duty, between desire’s sweet rhapsody and the painful truth.

The Secret of Mirror House

(Classic Gothics Collection Book 4)

by Jennifer Blake


Previously $0.99 at Amazon

Through August 19, 2015

A Jennifer Blake Classic! Romantic gothic suspense set in the Deep South in the 1870s.untitled

After Amelia Harveston loses her mother to tragic circumstances, she fears she will be forced into poverty and the position of a desperate woman. When distant relatives invite her to live with them at Mirror House, the plantation home built by her grandfather, she readily accepts. Her expectations of a warm family embrace where she’ll be loved and protected, though, are soon shattered.

Mirror House is a home haunted by the past, by dark secrets and by the cruel games its inhabitants play. Alone and with no one to confide in, Amelia struggles to unearth the house’s secrets. Then the accidents begin, and Amelia knows she’s become the target for the hate that infests it.

Out of the despair, two seeming allies appear. Two offers of marriage promise sanctuary. Both men claim to love her. One of them is lying. Amelia must choose the one man whose embrace promises the love and safety her very life depends on. But the house, it seems, has other ideas…

Stranger at Plantation Inn

(Classic Gothics Collection Book 1)

by Jennifer Blake


Previously $0.99 at Amazon

Through August 19, 2015

51O6ze5BsLL__SX331_BO1,204,203,200_A Jennifer Blake Classic! Romantic gothic suspense set in the Deep South in the late 1800s.

Lillian Newton isn’t the only stranger at Plantation Inn. The heavy rains that had flooded the river and forced her to seek refuge at the old stage-stop had driven others to the sanctuary as well.

At first, Lillian pays scant attention to the rest of the group. Soon, however, rumors of an escaped killer — an outlaw whose vicious deeds have terrorized the countryside — spread a chill blanket of unease over the charming old house.

Then inexplicable things begin to happen: the stalking shadow glimpsed through the trees, the cat whose throat has been cut, the mysterious crying of an infant… Lillian is suddenly suspicious of everyone. Especially the handsome young Frenchman, Jean Marsh, whose arrogant manner arouses a curious inner fury she can’t define.

The killer is one of them. Of that she’s certain. But which one? And how long before he strikes again?

Royal Seduction


(The Royal Princes of Ruthenia Book 1)

by Jennifer Blake


Previously $2.99 at Amazon

Through August 19, 2015

The international bestseller that defined romance for a generation…

On a mission to bring his brother’s killer to justice, the devastatingly charming Prince Rolfe of Ruthenia takes Angelina Fortina captive at a Louisiana country ball. Mistaking Angelina for her cousin Claire who fled Europe after the death of Ruthenia’s heir apparent, Rolfe commits an inexcusable error: using sensual threat in an attempt to pry information from the woman he thought was his late brother’s mistress.

Still, Rolfe cannot let Angelina go. It’s not just that she may yet lead him to Claire — it’s that her touch, and hers alone, has the power to make him forget the bitterness of his past.

Their passionate odyssey in search of justice, however, may already be compromised. For the enemy they seek travels with them, ready to strike should love temper the ruthless desire of Ruthenia’s future king and make him a vulnerable target.

Louisiana Dawn

(The Louisiana History Collection Book 3)

by Jennifer Blake


Previously $3.99 at Amazon

Through August 19, 2015

Life would be perfect if she could be rid of her tiresome virginity…51W+IFC6W1L__SX331_BO1,204,203,200_

While living with her guardians, the Breton brothers, on their Mississippi flatboat, Cyrene saves an infamous rake and womanizer from drowning. It’s an accident: she thought him dead and meant to rescue the valuable silver lace on his coat. Yet there is something René Lemonnier can do to repay her. He can relieve her of her innocence so she may escape the Breton’s kindly interference.

René may play the part of a rogue, but he isn’t without principles. The lovely Cyrene will surely become prey to every lowlife in New Orleans once he does as she asks–unless he appoints himself her protector.

Intrigue, corruption and betrayal are rife in the brilliant court kept by Louisiana’s French colonial governor, and no one is immune to their threat. In this dangerous hot-house atmosphere, love is a fool’s game that few can win–no matter how exquisite the passion of the moment…

Surrender in Moonlight

(Love and Adventure Collection Book 3)

by Jennifer Blake


Previously $2.99 at Amazon

Through August 19, 2015

51vyp26ZJDL__SX331_BO1,204,203,200_I am half-crazed with wanting you…”

Lorna comes upon infamous blockade runner Ramon Cazenave sheltering from the rain in a deserted mansion. They make love–out of despair on one side and revenge on the other, but also from perilous attraction. Who could guess Lorna would be blamed for the death of her boorish fiancé because of it?

New Orleans is dangerous for Ramon–the city has fallen to the Federal navy and he can’t allow his ship to be taken. Yet the lovely young woman he seduced must escape the wrath of her dead fiancé’s father. As the burning docks of the city light the night sky, they steal away downriver to the gulf.

So begins an exhilarating journey that sweeps from the warm blue waters of the Caribbean to the sea ports of the Civil War-torn South, from intrigue to breathtaking danger–and from sensual obsession to a love that must defy death itself.

New York Times Bestseller
Doubleday Book Club Selection


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