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At $0.99 an E-Book by Julie Johnstone


Bargaining with a Rake
By Julie Johnstone

A passionate page-turner: Beautiful but lonely, Gillian Rutherford hopes to escape London and sets her sights on a handsome American shipping tycoon. Lord Alexander Trevelle agrees to help Gillian — but can he ignore his desire for her?


Alternate Cover

$0.99 Originally: $3.99 
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FREE E-Book by T.A. Grey

Genre: Paranormal Romance

Was $2.99


Compelling and unbelievably sexy, this red-hot novel follows the unlikely love between heavenly succubus Chloe and devilishly handsome Tyrian. Can this scintillating duo survive a rampaging demon… and their own dark passion?

Free! Originally: $2.99

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Two FREE E-Books By S.G. Rogers



Genre: Historical Romance


The sole survivor of a train accident, young Larken Burke is dubbed the Miracle Orphan. Four years later, however, her life is far from fortunate. Because of her emotional and physical scars, she believes she’s un-marriageable. With little hope for the future, she agrees to wed a gentleman she’s never met. Unfortunately, his aloof manner proves difficult to take.

Marked by romantic tragedy and the loss of his brother, Brandon King has forsworn marriage. Obliged to take in a ward, he advertises for a mail-order bride to raise the boy. Since the union is to be a marriage in name only, his criteria are youthful age, a certain level of intellect, good breeding, and that the girl shouldn’t be so ill-favored she would embarrass him in society. To his dismay, he gets more than he’d bargained for.

Will it take a miracle for Mr. and Mrs. King to fall in love, or is their marriage another accident waiting to happen?

Lord Apollo & the Colleen

LordFive years after his supposed death, Theo King has returned to Graceling Hall…but a mystery remains. A stranger is buried in his grave, and nobody knows if his death was accidental…or murder. As Theo resumes his former life, the dead man’s sister shows up on his doorstep to hold him accountable. If he helps this Irish spitfire solve the mystery, will she finally leave him in peace?

Buy Lord Apollo & the Colleen HERE

97c8f7b199cf4f20a8a00e687f33df8eThe Madness of Viscount Atherbourne

(Rescued from Ruin – Book 1)

Author: Elisa Braden
Genre: Historical Romance
Now $0.99

The night that changes everything…

Life for Victoria Lacey should be perfect. And it is—perfectly boring. Agree to marry a lord who has yet to inspire a single, solitary tingle? Why, of course. Smile as though this is not the thousandth time he’s mentioned hounds and hunting? It’s all in a day’s work for the oh-so-proper sister of the Duke of Blackmore. Surely no one would suspect her secret longing for heart-racing, head-spinning passion. Except, perhaps, a dark stranger … on a terrace … at a ball where she should definitely not be kissing a man she has only just met.
The obsession that leads to ruin…
Hatred, not love, drives Lucien Wyatt, Viscount Atherbourne, to tempt the “Flower of Blackmore” into sin. Her brother has done unthinkable damage to Lucien’s family, and he intends to exact revenge in the only way left to him: Ruining his enemy’s sister, then stealing her from Blackmore by making her his own.
The woman who will set fire to her husband’s heart
As Lucien carries out his ruthless plan, tutoring his new bride in the finer points of pleasure, her surrender leaves him breathless … and soon a new obsession awakens—a scandalous fascination with his irresistible wife.
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