Another Great New Boxed Set from Kathryn LeVeque


Welcome to the Medieval Fallen Heroes Collection. In a world that demands knightly perfection, meet men who have achieved that perfection yet have either strayed from it or fallen from it. Men who, with the love of a good woman, redeem themselves and return to what they were born to be – the most powerful knights of the realm. In this limited edition collection, you will find:
The Fallen One: A great knight is stripped of his spurs. Can a chance meeting with a lovely lady help him find his way again?
The Legend: Edward I’s greatest knight lays down his sword after a tragic accident. Will an unexpected wife restore his faith?
The Warrior Poet: Medieval Romeo and Juliet. A legacy knight falls in love with the enemy’s daughter and finds himself marked for death by his own father.
Lady of Heaven: A bonus novel, contemporary adventure-romance – a sexy British archaeologist and a beautiful L.A. cop have the adventure of a lifetime.

Four great novels in this limited edition collection of fallen men and the women who save them.

best Kathryn Le Veque

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