So we’re nearly to Book #4. These books are parts of a TRUE SERIAL and should be read in order.
Book#1: Belle of Charleston
Book#2: Shadows of Magnolia
Book#3: Born to be Brothers
And COMING SOON Book#4: The Sun Rises

Jerri Hines, Romance Author

BelleofCharleston (1)ShadowsofMagnolia (1)

Last December, Belle of Charleston was released followed by Shadows of Magnolia in January and Born to Be Brothers last May. The dramatic conclusion is coming this Fall ~The Sun Rises! I want to thank all the faithful readers of Southern Legacy. In celebration, I will be hosting a rafflecopter event. I will be giving away lots of prizes and gift certificates. I will having my authors friends stop by as well with books of their own to give away.

BornToBeBrothers_Standard (3)

As with the series, I will be building up to the climax. I have begun a SOUTHERN LEGACY Facebook page just for the series. To keep up with the updates, feel free to like the page….It’scoming  ~ TheSunRises!!!


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