LADY OF CONQUEST: #1 Bestseller ~ Thank you, Readers!

Congrats to Tamara Leigh on the spots for these 2 books on the Best Seller list!

TAMARA LEIGH: The Kitchen Novelist

We were in a quandary. Yes, we were. LADY OF CONQUEST released two days ago, landing on the bestseller list and climbing up to the #2 slot–right next to its sister, LADY OF EVE in the #1 slot. Talk about thrilled–and oh so blessed! The quandary? Silly, I know, but while the two sat there swapping tales of their rewrite journey, LOC remained second to LOE. I was a little slow, but I finally realized LOE was not going to relinquish her hard-won slot in her current state–on sale for $.99. Nothing I could do about that other than wait for the sale to end. And today, LOE is back to $4.99 and LOC and she have swapped places. Thank you, Readers, for making it possible by trusting your precious time to my stories. You bless me 🙂

conquest_ebook 2

CURSED ~ England of The Norman Conquest, 1068: Two years have passed…

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