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New Frontier

New Frontier Of Love

by Dorothy Wiley

His only fear was love. Her only fear was living without it.
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From Amazon Page:

This heart-wrenching historical romance novel blends high action, heroism, and humor with a love and passion as powerful and beautiful as the wilderness. Unblinkingly gritty, Dorothy Wiley’s NEW FRONTIER OF LOVE adeptly balances the hardships of the American frontier with amusing, romantic, and vivid characters readers will long remember. NEW FRONTIER OF LOVE is the highly-acclaimed second novel in Wiley’s American Wilderness Series Romances. Like
the three other books in this award-winning series–that appeals to readers of
romance, westerns, and historicals–this memorable, fast-paced adventure is set
in 1797 on America’s romantic frontier.

His only fear was love. Her only fear was living without it.

The Revolutionary War left Captain Sam Wyllie battle-hardened. His courageous but cold heart defies danger–and love. He is determined to make a fresh start in the far west, the new state of Kentucky.
Newly widowed, Catherine Adams knows she should return to her wealthy father in Boston but fears he will once again force her to marry for prestige and wealth, not love. Drawn to Sam’s keen intelligence, harsh masculinity, and rugged warrior facade, she decides the west holds a chance for real love.
But dark forces–a ruthless enemy and a secret sorrow from Sam’s past–conspire against them. Harboring her own secrets, Catherine resolves to help this brave buckskin-clad warrior lay down his heart’s armor. Despite the undeniable attraction between them, Sam refuses to risk his heart again. Catherine won’t give up, believing he could be as passionate about love as he is about his country and family.
Compassionately written, richly authentic, powerfully dramatic, Dorothy Wiley’s books–epic love stories of the frontier–make readers both weep and laugh while they fall in love with the characters. Her American Wilderness Series novels captivate readers of western, historical, and romance.Spell-bound by horrific events and villains, action readers fear for her valiant characters. And charmed by the beauty of Wiley’s love stories, romance lovers cheer for her endearing heroes and heroines. But all readers appreciate Wiley’s ability to take readers on a thrilling journey to a new world for the brave–the American frontier. 

NEW FRONTIER OF LOVE was a 2014 Amazon Breakthrough Novel Award Romance Quarter-Finalist.

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