A Review From The Paranormal Romance Guild by: Linda Tonis


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Novel: Love For Sale

Author: Linda Nightingale

Publisher: The Wild Rose Publishing

Genre: Sci-Fi Romance

Rating: Adult

March Morgan is about to turn forty. Although married and divorced, she has never found that special love she always dreamed about. She was married for ten years to Paul, but she lasted ten years not because of him, but because of her two step-sons whom she loved like her own. She finally divorced Paul when she decided she had to look for her soul-mate. An ad in a women’s journal would answer her prays.

The ad was for Mayfair Electronics Ltd. based in London and advertised “Love for Sale.” They offered engineered sentient androids. They are special editions and can pass for human in every way. They can be customized in any way the buyer wants. When she first sets eyes on Christian, it is love at first sight. From the look he is giving her, she knows he feels the same way. In spite of the exorbitant fee, she will never leave without him. He is the man of her dreams, well not exactly a man, but in every way but being flesh and blood, he is everything she could have ever wanted.

Back home in Houston, Christian and March set up house, and they both talk about marriage. There are only two problems, her ex-husband and Christian’s inability to find a job. Paul uses his sons as a way to keep March close. She lives in the same apartment complex, but the boys are not allowed to visit her. She has to go to them. Paul is determined to have control over March in spite of their divorce. When he sees Christian, Paul becomes possessive and belligerent. He is determined to see Christian gone and has no problem using his sons once again to get what he wants.

It doesn’t take long before March and Christian fall totally in love. March has finally found the man of her dreams. Christian wants to do everything he can to help March and care for her. Although he is an android, he possess all manner of emotions. He loves, he hates, and little by little, becomes more and more independent. His independence at times scares March, but it is also a reason she loves him.

Just when life seems to be going well the big “C” rears its ugly head. March has ovarian cancer and it will become an all-out fight. She is not only afraid for herself, but what will happen to Christian if she dies.

The story has sex, androids, love, secrets, lies, and betrayals. The relationship between Christian and March is beautiful, and I fell in love with both of them. Linda Nightingale is an author I am always happy to read. I have read many and will read many more.


Reviewed by: Linda Tonis


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