Review of Claudia Dain’s Novella Chasing Miss Montford

This novella was fast paced and excellent at times. I did have problems keeping all of the young ladies straight with all of the names beginning with E.
It is a comedy of errors.
Elaine, according to her family needs to marry someone with a title. Mr. Ellery hasn’t even thought of marriage. The two meet quite accidentally as Elaine is trailing a young Iroquois Indian man who happens to be the nephew of the notorious Lady Dalby. A young man who thinks he’s saving a young lady from unwanted attentions and a bee sting turns their meeting into a possible scandal. How will it end for this unlikely pair?
I had read stories from Claudia Dain before, but not in some time. I enjoyed this one in spite of the confusing E names of most of the female characters.
I received an ARC of this book free from Netgalley so I could leave an honest


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