An Earl Like No Other$0.99 Originally: $4.99

By Wilma Counts
A gripping romance that will leave you breathless!
To protect her son from his abusive grandfather, widowed Lady Kathryn flees with the child and takes a position in Yorkshire as housekeeper for Jeremy Chilton, the beleaguered Earl of Kenrick who is trying to rescue his earldom from the clutches of a wily creditor. Kate is determined to protect her son, but how does she protect her own heart?
Wilma says: Two rather unrelated questions provided the seeds for this book. What did a “lesser” son–neither the heir nor the spare–do with his life, especially if he had no inheritance to sustain him? What recourse did a woman have in trying to protect her child in a society which accorded all legal control to men?


Twice a RakeFree!!! Originally: $2.99

By Catherine Gayle
A romance equal parts charming and scandalous, with nearly 150 five-star reviews on Amazon!
When Aurora and Quin are forced into a hasty marriage, they hope the rumor mill will finally stop running. Instead, gossip begins to swirl around them as private details from Aurora’s diary become common knowledge…

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