Out On Mother’s Day The Abiding Heart by Beppie Harrison


On their long walk through Ireland, Diarmaid and Muirne form bonds that can only grow from shared hardship, shared decisions, and shared hope. At the end of the journey, their situation is complicated beyond their worst expectations. It is then that they must decide what they are willing to sacrifice and what they must keep for a still undefined future of struggle. There was nothing he wanted so much as her. He could not kiss her often enough, nor tire of the way it felt when his hands moved up and down her body. The wonder of it was that she seemed to wrap herself around him as if she could not press herself close enough to him…In one way it felt as if it took forever before they were both naked, and in another way he would not have wished to lose one moment of the slow delicious process. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ayGvfsihtSo&feature=youtu.be

The Abiding Heart will be released May 10th, but Beppie needs your help!
She has partnered with Thunderclap to spread the word about the release of the latest in the “Heart” series. If you could find it in your “heart” to click the link below and donate a tweet, a tumble, or a Facebook status, I would truly appreciate it!

If you are unsure what Thunderclap is, here’s a brief explanation…

Thunderclap is an app that updates everyone’s status or twitter feed who have joined the particular thunderclap at the same time on the same day. It only happens once, and it won’t spam your friends. But the end result is massive amounts of people are reached, and The Abiding Heart can make a big splash!

Already three people have signed on to support the campaign, and the social reach has jumped to 7,143 people. That’s great! But our goal is to keep growing that number until May 10th.

We still have time to increase the amount of people who will see it, so if you haven’t already clicked the link, please do so. Thank you SO much for your support!


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