Review of Too Hot to Handle By Katie Rose


My favorite romance novels are of the Historical Variety, but being a great fan of Baseball, particularly my Atlanta Braves, I wanted to read this book. Now for the story, Nikki Case is PR rep and a once burned divorcee who dislikes the sport of baseball because her ex gambled away their money on the sport. She is assigned the task of trying to clean up the image of the bad boys of the league, the New Jersey Sonics. Jake Baldwin is the teams short stop and one heck of a hitter in more ways than one. He is well known for his womanizing ways. He and other team members cook up a bet where he would get the largest and best locker if he can win Nikki over and if he loses he will give up his jersey number to another player. Let’s just say he should never have made that bet…..
The story concept is very good but since I was reading an uncorrected proof there were times when the errors made me have to go back and reread what I had just read. I really didn’t run into too much of that but when I did I could get confused about what was being said. I’m sure the proof read version will not cause you these problems so don’t hesitate to get this one..
I received this book free of charge from Netgalley so that I might leave an honest review.

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