If the Viscount Falls Book #4 of The Duke’s Men Series by Sabrina Jeffries

If the Viscount Falls Banner

I have been reading Sabrina Jeffries books for some years now and have enjoyed them all. This is the first one I have read in this series and this is the final book. I do have book #1 in a TBR file and fully intend to go back and read all of them. I’m sure the story would mean much more to me if I had read the other 3 first. Not knowing much about the prior storyline I still enjoyed reading it as a stand alone book.
I was provided a free copy of this book from Netgalley for an honest review of the book.
The story begins with a disinherited Dom hatching a scheme to get Jane to dump him.
Then goes on to Dom having inherited because his brother George is now deceased. Remembering a Whitsuntide house party at Winborough’s and thinking back to that ball. If only he had inherited then… It’s too late now. Jane is engaged to Blakeborough and will be a countess.Because of that night long ago at the ball he has no right to her now.

Dom will build his own life. Without Jane. He’s transferring the day-to-day business of Manton Investigations to Victor and intends to concentrate on reviving the Rathmoor estate. He doesn’t count on Jane discovering Nancy missing and in dread trouble.
The Characters
Jane “Freckles” Vernon is a baron’s daughter and had been engaged to Dom before she ended their engagement. She’s now engaged to the Earl of Blakeborough. Her Uncle Horace, a wealthy merchant, is her guardian and Nancy’s father. Of course the truth about that night comes out! The shallow Nancy Sadler married George Manton and became the Viscountess Rathmoor; she’s now the widowed Lady Rathmoor and is missing. Meredith is Nancy’s maid who has left for London to tend her sick father. The agoraphobic Mrs. Patch is her great-aunt who lives in York with her lapdogs: Rogue, Nell, and Braganza.

Dominick “Dom” Manton had been cut off by his brother, and he refused to marry Jane without being able to support her as he thought she should be. He has now inherited his deceased brother George’s title and heads up his own private investigation agency in London.

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